Pop, soul and jazz: the Cinema Teatro Trieste will host the Summer Gala of modern singing on Wednesday 29th.

Pop, soul and jazz: the Cinema Teatro Trieste will host the Summer Gala of modern singing on Wednesday 29th.
Pop, soul and jazz: the Cinema Teatro Trieste will host the Summer Gala of modern singing on Wednesday 29th.

The Cinema Theater Trieste from Milan will host, Wednesday 29 Junethe Summer Gala of the protagonists of the Instagram profile @art_of_singing_ita, an international community dedicated to the vocal techniques of modern singing, meaning those of I sing pop, soul And jazz. In particular, the artists who will take part in the event (live start at 20.30, via A. Pacinotti 6; free admission with reservations required at n ° 3298255131)coming from all over Italy, studied with the two vocal methods “RSN-Resonances” and “ABV-Afroamerican Body Voice” of Elisabetta Guido, singer and songwriter of jazz and vocal coach of modern singing. Elisabetta is very active on the national scene, especially at the moment, since it has been out a few weeks ago “Arabesque”his new album of unreleased songs (released by the Alfa Music label).

The Instagram community Art of Singing Ita was born in January 2021 by the will of Elisabetta with the aim of allowing these young artists to perform in full lockdown online, since it was not possible to do it live due to the known restrictions imposed by the pandemic. She explains Guido: “I created this profile with the intention of showing the boys and, at the same time, making our followers listen to the best of modern singing techniques at an international level, such as the students of Stevie Mackey, the proposals of the famous profile @theyhavetherange , the guests of the Terrel Grice show and the performances of Jacob Collier, as well as the greatest and most virtuous singers of the old and new generation, Italian and international. In some cases, these are names unknown to most in our country, but with beautiful and well-kept voices. The profile immediately started to have a lot of followers and now, in less than 18 months, almost 5,000 people around the world follow us. By doing so, I unconsciously created synergies between our artists and foreign ones, who now interact on our profile or privately, putting their “likes” on some of our singers or reposting them on other profiles dedicated to vocal techniques. Furthermore, thanks to this community, our artists are encouraged to participate in international challenges (challenges) proposed by other profiles, such as the execution of a particularly daring melisma, and to duet with great performers, which can now also be done on Instagram. , as it was already on TikTok, another social network on which we are also always present as Art of Singing Ita ».

On Wednesday 29 June, the singer-songwriter Merifiore, whose new album has just been released, will perform as special guests on the stage of the Cinema Teatro Trieste in Milan “Inside”, the singer-songwriter Sofia Rollo, who is among the 18 finalists of the important national contest “Musicultura” with her new single “Alone”, and the songwriter and director of video clips Fabien PH. And, again, the singer-songwriter Ketty Camerlengo; the duo “The Way”, composed by Claudio Rubino on vocals and Giovanni Dighera on guitar; the singers-pianists Alessia Agosto and Francesca Occhineri, vocalist of the project “Moka Family Big Banda”, both particularly known to the public of Art of Singing Ita for their vocal virtuosity on the soul genre; Davide Saracino, performer who recorded several singles for “Rusty Records” before becoming a producer himself; the singer and guitarist Adriano Sommacal; the singers Elena Di Serafino and Benedetta Luperto, winners or finalists of various national contests; the interpreter Asia Klai; the jazzmen Francesca Chirone and Valerio De Nuzzo.

Most of these young people will be accompanied by a band composed of Mirko Fait on sax, Stefano Pennini on piano, Danilo Vogli on bass and Giorgio Vogli on drums.

Elisabetta Guido is, among other things, the author of the essay on Afro-American technique “Modern western song of African American origin” (Manni Editori) and has collaborated and recorded with some great names in pop, soul / gospel and jazz music, including Renato Zero, Renzo Arbore, Tullio De Piscopo, Cheryl Porter, Ashley Davis, Movin ‘Melvin Brown, Arthur Miles, Javier Girotto, Flavio Boltro and Fabrizio Bosso.

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