“Critique of Reason Dura” review

“Critique of Reason Dura” review
“Critique of Reason Dura” review

The second studio album by Didimoi is a good pop rock work with grunge trends but, at least to the ear of those who still ask for something strong in rock, it does not go beyond its matrix

The Didimoi project, carried out with conscientious stubbornness by Luca Praino and Stefano Ermini, both former About the White and now in the force of a duo that looks overseas to put on the table a sound discourse that is easy to attract but, at the same time, reaches its second studio work. , of substance as concrete and solid as possible. It’s just a pity that the good lymph from which cultural-technical intentions and baggage are nourished collides with a general structure that is perhaps a little too much at a table, without moments of real breakdown and without anything particularly transversal, innovative or memorable.

Critique of hard reasonin fact, it is a good work generically rock with various branches that do not go beyond the genre of settingbut the cyclical and repetitive structure of almost all the pieces that compose it can give a glimpse of a sort of continuous effort to find the perfect and enthralling riff ending, however, to be repetitive and, at times even a little obsessive in the finalizing compositional regularity.

Obviously this consideration has no value if not in the presence of those who, to some extent and as far as possible in 2022, ask rock for something that can represent an escape from the atrophy of everyday life. As for the remaining nucleus of human listening, the problem does not arise why Critique of hard reason it can easily turn out to be a good album – and in truth, net of that talk, it is. From this side here, however, we are slightly – but in a completely harmless way – perplexed in compositional matters, even more so when we come into contact with a genuinely not insignificant instrumental talent.

Soundly, therefore, aboard Critique of hard reason we travel in the wake of a good pop rock that does not mind a few detours towards light prog ’70s hints (Hyperuranium), grunge attitudes is skillfully accessible (For once in a lifetime) than much better directed towards Soundgarden banks (The dead are others), hard funk syncopated a little like Primus but without onanistic digressions (4 minutes of hate) and hard blues groove a little Deep Purple but only to a small extent (The strangest things), ending, however, by being embedded in excessive Pearljamian similarities (more in God loves you – where we touch some excess of similarity of the last period – that in It takes all the time it takes) that do not cause any harm, indeed, but do not provide emotional support in those who have eaten such delicacies several times in the past.

Overall, therefore, a good pop rock work but nothing that goes beyond the matrix. Which can mean everything as well as nothing, of course: personal opinions that have nothing to do with the sacred taste of listening to others.

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