Pink Floyd, drummer Nick Mason tells who is his “God of rock”

Pink Floyd, drummer Nick Mason tells who is his “God of rock”
Pink Floyd, drummer Nick Mason tells who is his “God of rock”

Of Maria – June 23, 2022

Pink Floyd were one of the most active and talked about bands of the infamous seventies and eighties, and beyond, just as they have been before. Active for about thirty years, from 1965 to 1995, they produced fifteen studio albums, other lives and various short stories, for a total of about 31 works. Today, despite having had a particular past, the band still retains its many fans, who maintain unchanged the affection towards the artists. In this case we will talk about the drummer, Nick Mason, who talks about his “Rock God”.

Member of a psychedelic band: the “firsts” Pink Floyd

It is known that Pink Floyd began their career as a psychedelic band, led by Syd Barret at that time. The subsequent complications, due to the worsening of Syd’s situation and his almost ghostly presence only up to the second album, required the band several efforts to re-center and reconstitute itself, especially from within. Nick, in these contexts, has always been there and in the meantime he has shaped and grown, both as an artist and as a person.

Who is Nick Mason’s God of Rock?

In an interview with the BBC, Nick tells not only about his favorite artist in this field, but also what, according to him, the characteristics should be possessed. Certainly the charisma, an undisputed factor. This trait is essential for contact with the public and for the stage presence. Talent follows. Fundamental, as it represents, on the one hand, the true essence of the artist. Finally, after having listed what for him are the most important nuances that an artist must possess, he defines as the “God of Rock”, David Bowie, who, according to the drummer, embodies all these characteristics.

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