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What are Pinuccia and Alessandro up to, among the undisputed protagonists of the Throne Over of Men and Women? The lady and the knight are enjoying their holidays and spending time together. And they were also spotted together at the Vasco Rossi concert. That their friendship is turning into a sweet feeling of love again?

TO Men and women they met, met, frequented each other. Then they had some disagreements, even very heated ones, yes they are collided heavily, they drifted away. But in the end they got closer and got theirs back attendance. How friendsthey argue.

Because Alexander he made things very clear during the program: da Pinuccia just wants friendship. But in the end the two continue to see each other. They were in before Salento together, then they went to dinner, to take some nice walks around Rome. And now…

Men and women: Pinuccia and Alessandro at the Vasco concert in Puglia

Now that the Maria De Filippi went on vacation, a beautiful one vacation they took it too. And together they were spotted in the Bari stadium at the concert of Vasco Rossi. There lady and knight of the Throne Over of Men and women, therefore, are continuing in theirs knowledge even after the end of the program recordings Queen Mary.

According to reports from the Isaechia website, a reader of the portal spotted the two “lovebirds”, who also publishes some photos of the two sprightly old men sitting in the stands while chatting and listening to music.

While Alessandro is always accompanied by a handsome smile open and sunny, Pinuccia has the face always frowning. Even if at this juncture there would be no preconditions for her: she is spending a good time with the man she is in love with, evidently, that she has forgiven his way of doing and her behavior. What more do you want?

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