at Rock in Rome on Ciao ciao tour-

at Rock in Rome on Ciao ciao tour-
at Rock in Rome on Ciao ciao tour-

On June 23 at the Capannelle Hippodrome the concert of the duo returning from the great success of the last Sanremo Festival with a piece that has become a catchphrase

Without schemes, transversal and out of any label, The Representative of List returns to unleash the public after the exploit at the Sanremo 2022 Festival with Bye Byethe catchphrase with tribal rhythms. On June 23, together with the Bolognese Rovere, the band on the stage of the Rock in Rome, at the Capannelle Hippodrome. The protagonist of a successful summer tour, My Mamma Ciao Ciao Edition, the duo born from the meeting between theto singer Veronica Lucchesi and the multi-instrumentalist Dario Mangiaracinawill also play live the single just released, Diva. A reflection on beauty and fragility, which invites you to accept your uniqueness and stop worrying about those who have something to say. In the cover the neoclassical face of a statue symbolically defaced by the title of the song. I would like to always remember my Diva. That me who tries to flourish, who can still make mistakes, start over and live. Here, in real life, there are no spotlights like in the movies, but there is a space that we can expect, a light that can make us shine, we read on the LRDL Instagram profile. To continue the post, with an inclusive message: the freedom to be ourselves, a freedom that is difficult to conquer. There is always ready judgment and the ferocious voice we raise about ourselves. true, not easy, not easy, but I want to try and you don’t stress me out !.

A musical project born in 2011, theirs. Firmly indie roots. You, Veronica Lucchesi, singer-songwriter from Viareggio. Him, Dario Mangiaracina, multi-instrumentalist from Palermo. Two different worlds that meet, during a theater workshop in Sicily. The result is a creative movement and an expressive research. A musical universe that tells the world, between lights and shadows. Lots of live shows, performing in alternative clubs and festivals. Over time, other musicians are added to the voice and guitar (or piano) of the original formation. Extremely popular on social media, with millions of audio and video streams, they have four studio albums and even a literary debut Maimamma (Assayer). Themes full of meaning, philosophy and symbols are at the center of their lyrics. The lyrics of the songs focus on the uncertainties and fears to face in life. There is also great space for political, social and environmental commitment, and for the fight against all discrimination. On the lineup tonight, a selection from their repertoire. Visceral texts on femininity such as This body contained in the record Go Go Diva and the songs of My Mom Hello Hello Editiondigital reissue of the latest album My Mom which contains Religiouslya kind of existential prayer e Love. And then the ballad Landscapes foreign which outlines the contours of a sentimental relationship, VGGG (Very Good Glenn Gould), cry for freedom of thought, Resistagainst the war, Alien, dance-pop that celebrates pleasure e Oh Ma Oh Pa, song of growth and independence. The irresistible cannot be missing Bye Bye and the cover of Be my baby delle Ronettes, 60s piece with electronic interludes. Style performers, they also conquer fans with their aesthetic taste. Playing with fashion, in a rainbow of colors. Never snobbish, The Representative of List knows no boundaries, and by baptizing their genre with the non-definition of queer pop, she interprets contemporaneity. Without fear of taking sides and always taking risks

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