The first official biography is out and live at Rock the Castle 2022

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The first official biography of the SADISTSADIST – The Melody of Evil“. Edited by Massimo Villa and published by Tsunamithe volume traces the entire career of the band that has always been the flagship of Italian techno-death metal from the beginning to the last, very recent work “Fireschorched“.

The band will also be engaged on June 24 at the “Rock the Castle”Festival, where he will share the stage with Venom, Blind Guardian, Mercyful Fate and other big names. During the event, the publishing house and the author will present the volume, already available to the Festival public.

That of SADIST is a name that echoes throughout the world of extreme metal as a synonym for those who have been able to be an innovator without ever distorting their beliefs, always being the bearer of technique and novelty without betraying their death metal heart.
Since the early nineties, the Ligurian formation has established itself in the extreme scene for its totally original way of combining the sound of the keyboards with the violent and acrobatic one of the guitar, in this case both played by that Tommy Talamanca which will become a point of reference for the entire metal scene from that moment on.
Theirs is a story of over thirty years, made up of a very long series of tours and live performances, recordings of records and a flood of anecdotes – often amusing – narrated here by the same voices of the protagonists, who in this authorized biography have set naked for the first time.

The volume is also supported by a photographic kit that shows many unpublished images of their path, a wide selection of comments by professionals, journalists and artists, and a large and detailed discography.

Massimo Villa was born in Genoa with music in his body as if it were a second skin. He deals with events for a large Italian book chain and fills digital computer sheets with words that result in essays and articles on video games, mystery and fantasy stories, science fiction novels and musical biographies. Among his books we remember the humorous sci-fi of Frigo leader (Erga, 2018) and Tutti i rabbano woundare (Robin, 2022), the analysis of the playful trend in Gioco therefore I am. Philosophy of the videogamer (Melangolo, 2020) and the musical excursus Necrodeath. The Shining Book (Arcana, 2021).

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