on stage with Edoardo Taddei

on stage with Edoardo Taddei
on stage with Edoardo Taddei
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Putting the Neapolitan melody, Deep Purple and Bach in the same lineup may seem like a gamble, but it is what Edoardo Taddei launched into when he embraced the live project of the singer Gianni Fiorellino, flanking the guitars with Vincenzo Battaglia.

The singer-songwriter from Campania has made Neapolitan sounds with strong pop influences his signature. The definition of “neomelodic” can be narrow to someone like Gianni, who has repeatedly demonstrated a strong sensitivity to different musical styles, even rock. It is precisely in this direction that his most recent tour has moved and Taddei has the honor and burden of representing his most extreme sonorities.
Accompanying them in the adventure, the bass of Pasquale De Angelis and Mariano Barba on drums, two veterans whose CVs include names of the caliber of Tullio de Piscopo, Tony Esposito, Renzo Arbore, Marco Zurzolo, Peppino di Capri, Gigi Finizio and Pino Daniele .

Edoardo’s hand is well known to insiders, and it is also known how reluctant guitarists are usually to combine such different styles as Taddei’s shred with Fiorellino’s pop music. However, Edoardo tells us, the meeting revealed several rather pleasant surprises.
The frontman has proved to be a complete artist, capable of dealing with a large number of instruments – personally creating all the demos for each of his records – and with a superfine ear, such as to represent a stimulating challenge for a six-string virtuoso .
Thus it turns out that the show is enriched by a third guitar, keyboards and organs all played by Gianni, and that the repertoire includes quotes from Deep Purple, classical music, up to a nod to the neoclassical Malmsteen and Stratovarius, all from the unexpected base of a music born as “light”, in the Neapolitan language, to represent “pop” in the most genuine sense of the term: popular.

We visited Edoardo Taddei on the occasion of the quadruple live appointment with Gianni Fiorellino at the Troisi theater in Naples. Camera in hand, we let ourselves be led around a stage different from those that usually end up in the spotlight of sector magazines, discovering more about shift worker work, the approach to sound in such a peculiar context and behind the scenes of the collaboration with an artist who knows very well what he wants from his collaborators.

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