Academy rock musical On Stage captivates sailing audiences on C&T ships

Academy rock musical On Stage captivates sailing audiences on C&T ships
Academy rock musical On Stage captivates sailing audiences on C&T ships
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Upcoming appointments with Drag Queens and children’s parties

Music, entertainment and solidarity continue with the Onde Sonore events on board the C&T ships sailing on the Strait of Messina.

“Those of the Christmas holidays are days of consistent flows of travellers, made up of crossing departures and returns. We like the idea that travelers who choose to cross the Strait with us will find a pleasant surprise on board: shows for everyone, quality music and entertainment for the little ones. There is certainly no lack of aficionados of Onde Sonore events, who have taken advantage and will take advantage of the presence of great artists to get on board and spend a different evening, in the scenario of the Strait and in the name of solidarity”, explained Tiziano Minuti, head of human resources and communication for the Caronte & Tourist Group.

After the opening of the event with the Beans – staged on the Elio stage last December 23rd – this evening the On Stage theater company performed, with the show MUSICALLY together. An escalation of pure rock taken from the great classics of musicals sung and interpreted by the actors of the homonymous academy, of which Paride Acacia and Sarah Lanza follow the direction.

Masterfully represented on a certainly not ordinary stage, also the performance of the famous musical Jesus Christ Superstar, of which Paride Acacia himself has been the great protagonist since the 90s.

The next appointments are scheduled near the long weekend of the Epiphany: the Portinaie on January 5th, the famous group of Drag Queens of the Straits now fond of the C&T event is ready to color the atmosphere the Elio with Rainbow Boat, a show suitable for everyone, made of music and entertainment. On 6 January Onde Sonore will close with the event aimed at children, where the Befana will fly on the Telepass ship – starting at 10 am – to deliver gifts to the little ones, together with an animation.


All Onde Sonore events are aimed at raising funds for the Onlus Land of Jesus, a very active association on the local territory and far beyond, up to Africa. Like every year, the proceeds will be doubled by C&T.

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To participate in the events it will be possible to request a dedicated ticket at the pedestrian ticket offices of Villa San Giovanni and Messina at a cost of 5 euros for Onde Sonore shows and 2.50 euros for children’s parties. In all cases, children under the age of 10 will be able to enter for free.

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