HALF LIB: “Pages” review

HALF LIB: “Pages” review
HALF LIB: “Pages” review
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Singing with a fraternal feeling, exposing yourself personally and convincing with a vaguely ’90ies sound: HALFLIBBRA bets well.

New page for the most recent recording chapter by Davide Corneli, in art HALF POUNDwho puts notes on the stave and merges them with words to shape a dedication, a heartfelt composition which is entitled, not even if it is too much on purpose, “Pages”licensed through Engraved Records (distribution The Orchard).

The release takes the form of a single, about one hundred and seventy seconds of listening proposal where the stylistic influences characterizing the Abruzzo singer-songwriter celebrate the relationship between brothers, for a track that directly involves Davide, even before the artist MEZZALIBBRA. An incisive song is produced, pleasantly poised between pop and rock with attention to the melody very rare these days; the refined solutions adopted for the vocals are pleasant, effectively cohesive with the instrumental sector.

It’s like taking certain sounds from the 90s that, in their own way, are reminiscent of the Counting Crowsadd a patina of the present and graft the Italian linguistic register: the operation performed by MEZZALIBBRA is successful, because this song can be listened to again with transport and is striking for the tones with which the fraternal sentiment is expressed.

We hope that the path taken will be enriched by further publications, and perhaps by a long play that knows how to highlight the good things appreciated on this occasion.

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