The #BlackFriday for Rock lovers, here are some special offers!

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We are in the now usual annual period of Black Fridaytherefore an opportunity for everyone to find some bargains on the net.

It’s a good opportunity to get hold of some albums that, perhaps, you have on tape but you also want to CDor have in your hands the physical copy of an album that you currently own in digital format, so as to save money some money to invest later in concerts or other. In the same way it could be useful for the younger ones to recover “missing pieces” from the past to your music collection (although the list of offers below also includes new record releases). So why don’t we rockers and metalheads take advantage of the Black Fiday?

But it’s not just listening to music that you can take advantage of. In fact, we even found some bargains at reduced prices of accessories and musical instruments, as well as clothing and the like. But let’s go in order… reminding you that Black Friday starts today and will last until November 28th!

Below we have selected some inherent offers found on Amazon Rock and Metal music, which maybe could come in handy and/or make someone happy (hopefully!). Obviously we have carefully avoided reporting any “Best Of”as they are often found a low prices even during the year.

Some CDs on offer for Black Friday:

  • RAMMSTEIN – ‘Mutter’ > buy it
  • AC/DC – ‘Black Ice’ > buy it
  • DEATH – ‘Leprosy (2CD) > buy it
  • SLIPKNOT – ‘The End, So Far’ (New album) > buy it
  • MEGADETH – ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead!’ (New album)> buy it
  • STRATOVARIUS – ‘survives’ (digipack) > buy it
  • RUSH – ‘2112’ (2CD deluxe box) > buy it
  • EMERSON LAKE & PALMER – ‘Trilogy’ (2CD deluxe) > buy it
  • THE CULT – ‘Love’ (expanded edition 2CD) > buy it
  • ACCEPT – ‘Too Mean To Die’ > buy it
  • BLIND GUARDIAN – ‘Beyond The Red Mirror’ (limited earbook 2CD) > buy it

And these are just a small selection of what you will find on the site, once you have clicked on the relevant link. Furthermore, when we talk about Rock, the instrumentation is not excluded for whom Rock plays it! We have also made a small selection of tools and accessories that could come in handy, especially if at reduced prices on the occasion of Black Friday.

Some Black Friday tools and accessories:

  • Drumsticks Pro-Mark LA Special 5B (three pairs) > buy them
  • Drumsticks Pro-Mark LA Special 5A (three pairs) > buy them
  • Guitar capo D’Addario tri action > buy it
  • Guitar stand or folding bass Keplin > buy it
  • Guitar case with waterproof pockets > buy it
  • Electric bass for beginners (set with amplifier and accessories) > buy it
  • Electric guitar for beginners (set with amplifier and accessories) > buy it
  • Dish stand Pearl Giraffe Battery > buy it
  • Crashes medium 18″ Zildjian > buy it
  • Dishes series 14″ + 16″ + 18″ Zildjian (low volume) > buy them
  • Cleaning kit guitar Dunlop > buy it
  • Guitar strings classic D’Addario (6 pieces) > buy them
  • Guitar strings electric D’Addario (6 pieces) > buy them
  • Microphone dynamic cardioid Shure > buy it

Staying on the subject, what can’t be missing in a wardrobe Rockers or a Metalhead? Obviously the studs! On the occasion of Black Friday, they also thought about this. Here is a small selection of Rock a.k.a. studs, accessories and clothing discounted price.


Black Friday clothing, studs and accessories:

Browsing the net there is certainly much more. But, at least, we hope we were like a “start point” for your search for the cheapest offer!

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