Sangiovanni, the announcement leaves the fans breathless: all in seventh heaven

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The singer communicated the announcement

Celebrated singer Sangiovanni, launched by Amici’s school of talent, made a truly electrifying announcement that sent fans into raptures.

Sangiovanni is certainly one of the best-known singers nationwide and one of the most loved by generation Z. The talent of the singer (born Giovanni Pietro Damian) has also been noticed abroad. His single Mariposassung together with Aitana, has in fact reached the top of the Spanish “Top 50 Radios Weekly” chart.

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Sangiovanni, the announcement shocks the fans: all in seventh heaven

The song is highly appreciated, so much so that it has earned five stars in the “popular” judgement. Thanks to this resounding success, Sangiovanni managed to achieve a very high goal, which he himself announced with trepidation on Instagram: a new platinum disc. After the announcement, fans understandably went into raptures and many wanted to congratulate him. Even Rudy Zerbi wanted to leave a comment under the post, which made everyone laugh: “Great! I’m getting my hair platinum tonight…ah no.”, in clear reference to being bald.

In addition to the many compliments however, there was no shortage of insults from the haters, who as usual made their voices heard. Especially on Facebook where, as we know, the public is generally older than on Instagram and often has different tastes. eight the repost of the announcement made by the official Radio Deejay page read really bad comments. There are those who say that music, with him, has taken many steps backwards and those who declare that platinum records can now be found on the shelves of Esselunga.

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Sangiovanni, the announcement shocks the fans, Instagram photo – Newsby

In short, really acid comments that Sangiovanni however ignored as always. On the other hand, at the moment his life could not be more full and satisfying. The singer is still very much in love with Giulia Stabile, known to Amici, and is also very busy with work, which keeps him very busy until late in the evening. He is also working on a new TV series in which he plays himself. A commitment that, however, paid off in every possible way.


During his short artistic career Sangiovanni managed to get several more platinum albumswith singles All night long And Malibu, both pieces written while participating in Amici. If Tutta La Notte went double platinum, Malibu instead achieved four. Incredible numbers if you think that this singer’s career is probably still in its infancy.

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Ready for Sanremo?

Sangiovanni recently announced during a guest appearance on X Factor that he has a new piece ready to be presented at the next Sanremo which, he assures, it will be “cooler” than Fluo, his latest song with which he performed on the stage of the well-known Sky broadcast. The singer said he is looking for the best version of himself and is never satisfied. With the new piece for Sanremo, therefore, he intends to surprise the public and make everyone feel new emotions.

Saint John he then responded calmly to the many criticisms received, declaring that if at first listening his music may seem empty and light, it is not at all. Every song by him is carefully studied and the result of real and deep emotions. “My music may seem flimsy at first listen, in the most superficial sense of the word,” the singer said. “But this is also my strength. I often have to dig deep to find my emotions.”

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