“The Maneskins? They are terrifying. Rock is not built at a table “

“The Maneskins? They are terrifying. Rock is not built at a table “
“The Maneskins? They are terrifying. Rock is not built at a table “
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It is said that he squandered the equivalent of 10 million euros. And Rocco Maurizio Anaclerio, aka Dj Ringo, does not deny: «I spent billions and billions of lire I earned a lot and I spent a lot. Cars, motorcycles, travels: I paid for everything to others because I didn’t want to go around alone. Porsche and Ferrari. Motorcycle. I smashed them and changed them. And the money flew away. But I don’t regret », he says in an interview with Corriere della Sera.
The craziest expense? “Ten days in the Bahamas, my friends didn’t have a penny, I paid for 12 people, including girlfriends, hotels, restaurants, entertainment. All included. Today I might have a few more houses or apartments … I squandered, but to have fun ».

After the club season, Ringo started being a radio host. He has long been the creative director of Virgin Radio where he continues to lead Revolver, his trademark, his program dedicated to rock. Eternally bleached hair, he is the son of the 80s and of Milan to drink: discos and models, fun and evenings, lots of luxury and few thoughts.

Sex and transgressions

The greatest transgression? «I’ve always been attracted to sex and women, to an orgy, something visceral … then AIDS came to ruin everything. I lived at night, it was fantastic: real friends, little money, pure fun, which always ended with some girl, either in motels or in the park. The 80s were beautiful, I enjoyed myself like crazy: I met Keith Haring; Fiorucci introduced me to a singer that he had to dress: it was Madonna; I chatted with Andy Warhol. They also offered me to buy a painting of her for 40 million lire. I didn’t take it and I still eat my hands: it would be worth more than a million euros ».

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Music today? Terrible

The radio is his world but the current mainstream pop scene is not for him, «full of trappers, posers, people posing. Can I tell? The current landscape makes me shit. I heard Viola di Fedez and Salmo, don’t take offense, but it’s terrifying. She could have done it Orietta Berti. If these are the young people who make music … ». And the Maneskins? “Terrifying. They are a substitute for a marketing product, they have nothing real, not even the garter belt. I’m sorry and I’m ready to change my mind … To rock ‘n’ roll there is one very important thing: you can’t be a poser. The answer is Iggy Pop. I expect a real piece ». A rock group shouldn’t be at the Sanremo Festival. Do you see that photo? There are four stars who are in Olympus: James Dean, Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, one of the coolest of all, Marilyn Monro and the icon. Rock has very specific, fundamentalist laws, you have to respect them. Leaving a talent like X Factor is not rock ».

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