Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2022, all ready for the rock festival that speaks to women with a new location: Cavriglia

Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2022, all ready for the rock festival that speaks to women with a new location: Cavriglia
Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2022, all ready for the rock festival that speaks to women with a new location: Cavriglia
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Speak feminine Arezzo Wave Love Festivalthe creature founded by the patron Mauro Valenti, whose 36th edition will take place Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, with a new format and a new location, at the Teatro Comunale in Cavriglia and in the nearby Mine auditorium in Castelnuovo d’Avane (AR). At the heart of the program, two exceptional protagonists, the Ukrainian Alina Pash and the very young Tuscan artist Frida Bollani Magoni.

The event sees a preview, Friday 7 October at 6 pm At the Auditorium Mine of Castelnuovo d’Avane – the abandoned village that will be reborn thanks to the victory of 20 million euros in the Tuscan PNRR call for proposals wanted by Mibact for the depopulated and abandoned Italian villages – the round table in which the artist Alina Pash will talk about the culture and music of her country in times of war, together with well-known personalities from the world of Italian music and local and regional institutions. Among the participants Massimo Bonelliorganizer of the May Day concert e Claudio Agostoni of Radio Popolare.

This edition of Arezzowave is in fact in support of the end of the atrocities and the war in Ukraine, in harmony and sharing with Yourope, the European federation of 90 rock festivals in which Arezzo Wave represents Italy.

The launch of a literary competition with the writer Marco Vichi, in which mystery and music are intertwined. On the other hand, the cases of his commissioner are not so far from these areas. In the two days, also the finals of Arezzo Wave Music Contest, with the performance of the 19 finalists of the regional selections, chosen – from January – from more than 900 proposals and 3200 musicians, of which the winners will be announced. With 51,437 musical ensembles registered since 1987, 8,173 bands that have performed in over 1,980 evenings of live selections throughout Italy, and 579 winning groups brought to the Arezzo Wave stages, the contest now changes considerably. The finalists will go on stage before the main artists, from 8.30 pm, each proposing their own song and an original version of an already known song, both Italian and international. The jury of experts will award the best artist or musical group, the best original song and the best cover, while a jury composed of under21 will award the prize to the best talent.

New is the location of the festival that leaves the municipality of Arezzo but not its province, moving to the green and beautiful Cavriglia at the gates of Chianti, a meeting point with the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Florence, a few km from the Montevarchi exit on the A1 . In addition to the Municipal Theater in the main square of the capital, a few kilometers away in Castelnuovo d’Avane, the Auditorium Mine will be the site of the opening of the festival and of the afternoon training meetings between the finalist musicians and prestigious teachers. In addition to the aforementioned preview on Friday 7 October, two other events will be held, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October. The first, at 15 hourswill be edited by Alberto Salini, consultant of the Master 24 Ore Business School and active collaborations with Universal Music, BMG and AFI. The theme will be “Monetize your artistic work”And will provide a series of useful indications for the continuation and development of the artistic careers of musicians. The second appointment, at 16.30will see the participation of Dario Falcini, one of the young operative minds of Rockit, the spiritual guide of the new Italian groups and artists, and will be dedicated to “Punch the screen“Or how to make people talk about themselves and about music through social communication and other strategies to advertise their talent. Both events will be repeated, at the same times, on Sunday 9 October.

The meeting on Friday 7 October will also discuss the rebirth of the village of Castelnuovo d’Avane, winner of the 20 million euro tender for the cultural, social and economic regeneration of the villages at risk of abandonment and abandoned, wanted by Mibact with funds of the PNRR, with the support of the Tuscany Region. Thanks to these funds, the Municipality of Cavriglia will revive the splendid village of Castelnuovo d’Avane through culture. In fact, a series of exhibition venues will be set up dedicated to the promotion of cultural projects ranging from art to music, from painting to photography, up to a series of themed events. Specifically, the construction of museums, regenerated public spaces, places of memory, residences for artists, a house of contemporary art, a widespread hotel and commercial and craft shops, to revive the ancient lost country through a new dimension that until a few months ago it seemed unthinkable.

Returning to Arezzo Wave Love Festivalthe event will be organized by the Arezzo Wave Italia Foundation, with the support, contribution and collaboration of the Municipality of Cavriglia and the Koinè social cooperative of Arezzo.

We also thank the partners Tca Centro Chirurgico Toscano Rockit Popolare Network Piazzagrande and the European Partners Yourope and Etep, the project of the European community for the enhancement of new talents from the continent.

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“It is an honor to be able to host an international event such as Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2022 in Cavriglia – the Mayor said Leonardo Degl’Innocenti or Sanni -; when President Valenti sought us out, we immediately responded with great enthusiasm to his request. The fact that he thought of Cavriglia together with his partner Koinè, this means that our Municipality in recent years has distinguished itself for its sensitivity towards culture and for the events of international importance like this that we have organized such as the Monumental Sculpture Symposium and the Motumundi Festival. We are sure that this event will also be a moment of high artistic and social depth and will allow us to alternate with music the historical reflection of the period we are going through ”.

“Arezzo Wave Love Festival for now three generations of people represents a cult, a musical event that has marked the history of independent Italian rock music – said Deputy Mayor Filippo Boni -. Being able to host it in our territory means giving a new, wonderful opportunity to young and old alike to be able to attend high-profile musical performances but also to reflect on current social issues: one above all the war in Ukraine ”.

“I thank the Municipality of Cavriglia for their willingness to accompany us in this new adventure, getting involved and supporting our festival, welcoming us in the structures, supporting us with energy and passion – concludes Mauro Valenti, Director of the Arezzo Wave Love Contest. – Another fundamental partner for the realization of Arezzo Wave 2022 is the social cooperative Koinè of Arezzo, without these two subjects the event would not have taken place and therefore a heartfelt thanks goes to them from all of us. The role of our foundation is to promote non-profit creativity and musical culture and not only of young people, and this is why we consider the presence of two artists such as Alina Pash and Frida Bollani Magoni to be fundamental. During the event we also thought of some training moments, dedicated to young artists, to help them develop their careers through the advice of experts in the sector “.

Admission to the initiatives is at the symbolic cost of 2 euros and the proceeds will be donated to charity to the Calcit section of Cavriglia.

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