Music, the young BPM band from Lecco at the Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival

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The young band reached the National Final

“We have reaped the fruits of a year of preparation”

LECCO – “A rewarding and certainly positive experience”, these are the words of Francesca Bonacinayoung singer of Lecco than with his bandi BPM (Beats Per Minute), she performed at Casino from Sanremo on the occasion of the 35th edition of the contest Sanremo Trend Festival last September 8.


The Festival, which is divided into “Sanremo Rock” and “Sanremo Trend”, with the latter containing songs and artists that are not labeled as “rock”, was created with the aim of discovering and launching new singers and musical groups, assigning them an award in recognition of personal and artistic merits, after the evaluation of a special jury.

It is therefore an excellent opportunity to show off your work, the result of so much passion and sacrifices, and it is for this reason that Francesca, on her second participation, and the band did not let it escape.

Band BPM at Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival 2022 2

After a year of preparation spent in the rehearsal room, the young group from Lecco, made up of Francesca Bonacina (voice), Gabriele Colombo (battery), Luca Saladino (lead guitar), Emilio Toma (rhythmic guitar), Giovanni Galli (low) e Luca Brenna (keyboard), all aged close to 21, performed in the unreleased pop song they wrote “Slaves of time”, composed by Gabriele Colombo. The single will soon be released on YouTube, Spotify and other music streaming services.

Thanks to the results obtained by Francesca in the last edition, in which she was accompanied by a different group specially formed for the event, the band immediately had access to the National Finalthe penultimate step before the Final.


Although they did not manage to reach the final phase of the contest, the boys received the applause of the jury for the skill in the execution of the piece And for her beauty.

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“Certainly on stage we had the confirmation that the year spent in the rehearsal room served: it was as if it were just us, with no audience and no judges. – Francesca comments – We managed to give each other security. At the end of the performance we received many congratulations from the judges both for our performance and for our song, especially for the fact that we are so young, as well as some tips for the future “. She concludes, excited and satisfied: “She was an absolutely positive and rewarding experiencedespite the lack of access to the final: already the fact of having managed to perform at the Casino of Sanremo it was a great honor“.

Band BPM at Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival 2022 3


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