Martin Gala, “Viva I Romantici”, folk nuances in the debut single

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He’s out Long live the Romanticsthe indie pop singer-songwriter’s debut single Martin Galayoung and talented artist who brings a poetic, fresh, but at the same time attentive vision of the reality that surrounds us.

Martin he is an observer who tells, with lightness and a naive soul, the contradictions of everyday life, without sparing also considerations about himself and his own experiences.

Long live the Romantics is a bright and original indie pop single with folk nuances, characterized by delicate acoustic sounds and a wide-ranging final crescendo.

The piece has a double value: it expresses the importance of claiming one’s emotional personality, “out of fashion”, without necessarily having to adapt to a cold reality today not akin to oneself, in addition to the beauty of observing small things, feeling the warmth of moments that will never return, but it is also a reflection on the flow of things and their contrasts.

Martin Gala Long Live The Romantics

«’VIVA I ROMANTICI’ is not a love song – tells MARTIN GALALong live the romantics tells a way of life, which I cannot do without. Long live the romantics is an imperfect writing on the wall of an old house in the midst of severe buildings of glass and concrete, in a street that I have walked for many years. That writing is me, who scream what I am, but above all what I don’t want to be. “


Radio speaker, musician and collaborator of various national and international newspapers. He follows the Sanremo Festival since 1999 and the Eurovision Song Contest since 2014 as well as numerous other musical events. In twenty years he has made over 8,000 interviews with personalities from the world of music, sport and entertainment. In 2020 he published the novel “La Festa di Don Martello” and in 2022 “Galeotto fu il chinotto”.

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