One, urban pop and electronic indie pop sounds in the single Antidote

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Antidote is the new single from One for Epic Records / Sony Music Italy out on Friday 23 September on all digital platforms.

Produced and written with Giorgio Pesenti of the Isis And Marco Ravellithe song is about a relationship in which one realizes that he is unable to reciprocate the same affection of the partner, which somehow drains those feelings like a sea that dries in his arms.

Urban pop and electronic indie pop sounds that accompany the velvet voice of the Italian-Egyptian artist.

One Antidote

One is the project of Mohamed SarhanItalian-Egyptian singer-songwriter born in Rome in 2000.

He began composing songs at the age of 16, self-taught to play the guitar.

In his music he tries to mix Eastern and Western culture. His artistic influences come to life from folk to electronic pop.

One is a project inspired by artists like Damien Rice And Jeremy Zucker.


After signing up with Sony Music Italybegins a new chapter of his life and musical journey, releasing the single 24 hours.

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He is currently busy writing his first album of unreleased songs, produced by the Bergamo-born George Pesenti.

Radio speaker, musician and collaborator of various national and international newspapers. He follows the Sanremo Festival since 1999 and the Eurovision Song Contest since 2014 as well as numerous other musical events. In twenty years he has made over 8,000 interviews with personalities from the world of music, sport and entertainment. In 2020 he published the novel “La Festa di Don Martello” and in 2022 “Galeotto fu il chinotto”.

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