Ioish: Indian prog rock band releases new video ‘What You Need It For’

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The progressive rock / post-rock band IOISH originally from New Delhi, India, she is delighted to have released the new single “What You Need It For”!

Watch the official video on the band’s YouTube channel!

With the new song “What You Need It For”featuring an immersive carpet of synths, IOISH he immerses himself in his jazz influences, incorporating a jazz-style drum line along with a clean guitar riff. IOISH complements the arrangement with an addition of horns, hovering the song in more optimistic directions as you add “layers” to the song. IOISH top it all off with a smooth transition to a delightful post-rock ending.

What You Need It For “ it’s about the little things in life that enlighten us and make us want to get out of bed in the morning. As stated by the mastermind Vaibhav Bhutani:

It could be something as simple as a brush you bought the other day but couldn’t use it, or something impactful like that tool you’ve always wanted but never got because you were worried about something else that you probably didn’t. it’s not even a part of you anymore. It’s about respecting the essence of the little details that people usually take for granted, but don’t realize that those details / things usually paint the bigger picture in the long run.

The sound of IOISH is a mix of soulful guitars layered with atmospheric textures, infused with melodious grooves and riffs that evoke a touch from progressive rock. The elements, combined together, create an engaging and moody journey that the audience can interact with immediately.

Over the years the band has played with the likes of Tides From Nebula, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer, The Ocean Collective, Intervals And As I Lay Dying durantAnd their tours in India. The founder of the project Vaibhav Bhutani has been in the music industry for 18 years. He started producing music 12 years ago, then wrote music for all 18 Viacom channels, including Discovery Channel. After leaving Viacom, Bhutani earned a degree in sound therapy.

What You Need It For “ was produced by Vaibhav Bhutani, mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima (Ayreon, Devin Townsend, SepticFlesh, Between The Buried And Me). The wind section was composed and performed by Meredith Moorewhich collaborates with giants such as Paul McCartney, The Royal Orchestraas well as composing for many of the Pixar. The artwork was made by Shakoor Bukhuth.

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For fans of Devin Townsend, Oceansize, 65daysofstatic, Vessels

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Vaibhav Bhutani – Guitar, Synth

Saksham Gupta – Guitar

Nikhil Rufus Raj – Bass

Shantanu Sudarshan – Drums

Meredith Moore – Winds

IOISH Online:




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