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Netflix has published the ranking of the most viewed TV series and films in Italy in the week from 5 toSeptember 11, 2022. We can see that The Crow, for obvious reasons, has moved up in the charts. Let’s start with the top 10 of the most viewed TV series:

  1. Cobra Kai Season 5
  2. The Devil in Ohio
  3. Skam Italia Season 5
  4. Sea Off Season 2
  5. Sea Off Season 1
  6. The Crown Season 1
  7. The Sandman
  8. Partner Track Season 1
  9. Pokémon Explorations Master The Season 1 Series
  10. Stranger Things 4

The enormous successes of series like Mare Fuori (13 weeks in a row in the Top 10) and Stranger Things 4 (16 weeks in a row) with the latter seeming ready to leave the Top 10. The first position is obviously Cobra Kai Season 5, new release. The “novelty”, however, is the return of The Crown Season 1, most likely caused by the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ranking of TV series in Italy on Netflix

Turning instead to the ranking of the most viewed movies in Italy on Netflix in the week from 5 to 11 September 2022, we find:

  1. Love in the Villa – Fall in love in Verona
  2. I Came By
  3. Without limits
  4. Uncharted
  5. A faithful husband
  6. Me time – A weekend all to myself
  7. The Jefa
  8. Ocean’s Eleven – Place your bets
  9. End of the Road
  10. At home with my parents

This week, the news for the leaderboard is Unlimited, Ocean’s Eleven – Play Your Game, End of the Road, At Home with Mine. The remaining titles of the Top 10 most viewed movies on Netflix include films already present last week.

Ranking of the most viewed films in Italy on Netflix

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In this regard, here is the ranking of the previous week.

The article is in Italian

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