the horrors of Armie Hammer

the horrors of Armie Hammer
the horrors of Armie Hammer
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The actor was accused of sexual assault and cannibalism: Discovery Plus tells his story in House of Hammer, out September 2

Posted on: September 2, 2022 06:30


Source: Discovery Press Office

The one of Armie Hammer is a story that has shocked the whole world: it broke out in 2021, the case involving the actor of Call me by your name had unprecedented media coverage and helped put an end to his Hollywood career. And now, a little over a year later, one docu-series seems to nail the actor once and for all: it is called House of Hammerand is outgoing on Discovery Plus on September 2.

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The (chilling) accusations against Armie Hammer

It was January 2021 when an ex-girlfriend of Armie Hammer accused him of sexual harassment. Subsequently, via an anonymous Instagram profile, other women began sharing messages and recordings, in which chilling details emerged about the perversions of the same actor. In these excerpts of conversations, in fact, Hammer admitted that he had fantasies about bondage extreme (blood, violence, even rape) and on cannibalism. The LAPD then began investigating him: at the moment the actor is accused of rape, cannibalism and enslavement. Accusations he always has denied, but which at the same time led to an abrupt halt in his career, which was rapidly rising thanks to Luca Guadagnino’s film. While Armie Hammer has taken refuge in the Cayman Islands, where he works as a real estate agent and concierge, the world will be confronted with the facts gathered in House of Hammerthanks to which everyone will be free to get their own idea of ​​what happened.

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House of Hammer

The docu-series, in three episodes (all available from 2 September), collects the testimonies of some of the alleged victims by Hammer. First of all Courtney Vucekovich And Julia Morrison, two of his ex-girlfriends, who have chosen to put their face on it and report what they have suffered. In the trailer for the documentary both girls are seen, armed with a telephone and ready to share with the world i gruesome messages received from the actor: “My bet was to show up at your house, tie you up to make you incapacitated and do whatever I wanted with every single hole in your body”, is heard in an audio message; “I have a fantasy of having someone who demonstrates his love for him and his devotion to me by tying him in a public place at night and making use of his body,” she wrote instead. But the most chilling detail is surely Hammer’s confession: “I’m a cannibal 100%. “In addition to the two women, she also intervenes in the documentary Casey Hammerthe actor’s aunt, who tells how her whole family is in a certain sense “cursed“. One of his ancestors, in 1920, was convicted of manslaughter; in 1955 Julian Hammer (Casey’s father and Armie’s grandfather) killed a man, but was acquitted in self-defense; in 2015 Casey herself said, in an in the book, that she was harassed by her father. “When this story came up, it didn’t surprise me at all. It’s not like you wake up one day and suddenly become such a dark and manipulative person. This behavior has deep roots, “said the actor’s aunt.

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