10 romantic movies to watch on Disney Plus

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By now we have got a taste for it so now it’s up to recommend the 10 romantic films to watch on Disney Plus.

After the success of the romantic movie lists to watch on Netflix come on Amazon Prime Videonow it’s the turn of another streaming platform: Disney Plus.

Are you ready to “two hearts and a hut“? Or even a hot chocolate, a blanket and a fireplace? Or simply a sofa and a heart ready to be warmed? Whatever your ideal home evening, a good movie will only improve the situation. So why not let the friends of the staff recommend you a good romantic film Isa & Chiathat you can watch from the comfort of your home?

From the cult of the 90s to modern fairy tales, here are the ten romantic films that we absolutely recommend to see at least once in your life, to be able to daydream.

Timeless, definitely the romantic fairy tale that, years later, never stops making us dream of a timeless love.

The protagonist is the charming Edward Lewis – interpreted by Richard Gere – a billionaire, unscrupulous and very successful businessman. Success that he obtains in acquiring large companies in bankruptcy and, after having reduced them to pieces, reselling them with great profits. One evening, in Hollywood heading to Beverly Hills, he asks a nice prostitute for directions, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) with which he will then spend the night. Struck by her sympathy and her extreme beauty, the man hires the woman for the whole week, offering her money. Lucky in the workplace but unlucky in love: Lewis in fact, he is separated from his wife and also in crisis with his lover. When his friend and lawyer Philip advises him to take a woman with him to an important business dinner, Edward invites Vivian. The latter will take lessons in posture and style and… the dinner will be successful. But what will triumph most of all will definitely be love.

  • 2. 500 DAYS TOGETHER (2009):

500 days together

Sometimes falling in love is the best mistake you can make.

The protagonist of this film knows something about it: Tom Hansen – interpreted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt – a young man who dreams of a career as an architect and at the same time works in a company as a writer of greeting cards, suitable for any occasion. The quiet life of Tomhowever, it suddenly changes with the arrival of Sole Finn – performed by Zooey Deschanel – new assistant to the chief. Tom, in fact, she has a real love at first sight and thinks she has met the love of her life. But the two completely different points of view in living romantic relationships are immediately seen and will be the cause of their breakup.

  • 3. 27 TIMES BLANK (2008):

27 times blank

Entertaining sentimental comedy able to dispel the female myth of the sacred marriage bond with the famous prince charming.

The protagonist is Jane Nichols – performed by Katherine Heigl – a young idealistic, romantic and very altruistic girl, perpetually waiting for the charming prince. Secretly in love with her boss George and weddings in general, she finds herself continually forced to have the role of the maid of honor and never that of the bride. It all gets complicated when his younger sister Tess (Malin Akerman) ends up winning the heart of the head of Jane. From that moment on, the young romantic questions the way she has always approached men. There is also further complicating the situation Kevina cynical journalist who would like to write an article inspired by the story of Jane.


The story is based on the life of a historical figure, Casanovaknown to the world for his liberal ideas and for being a great lover of the female world. Giacomo Casanova – interpreted by Heath Ledger – is a famous seducer. Extremely smart and gifted with intelligence, he has a reputation for never having received rejection from a woman. But until the beauty arrives in his life Francesca Bruni – performed by Sienna Miller – charming young Venetian who writes anti-litteram texts. The conquest of the woman however represents for Casanova an extremely difficult point and she will be the first woman in her life to reject it. Francesca in fact, it will teach him the meaning of expectation and the meaning of true passion. On the run from the inquisition, the young playboy, however, does not give up and tries in every way to conquer the Venetian, playing with cunning and skilful disguises.

  • 5. 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (1999):

10 Things I Hate About You

The absolute protagonists are two students, the sisters Stratford which are the opposite of each other. White – performed by Larisa Oleynik – she is sweet, pretty and welcomed by everyone; Kat (Julia Stiles) the older sister, is grumpy, with a bad temper that tends to push away any boy who approaches her. White is in love with Joey Donner (Andrew Keegan), the most popular boy in the school he would like to hang out with were it not that his father imposed a rule on his daughters: White will be able to go out with a guy only after that too Kat he will have done it. The younger sister then puts in place a plan to reunite Kate with Patrick a boy whose reputation is more or less the same as his sister’s. But the plan may not last long when the boy discovers the side he hides Kat.

Love each other

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Apparently the perfect family, that of Alice – performed by Meg Ryan – And Michael GreenAndy Garcia – together with the two little girls so loved. Until a bad day emerges what is in effect a vice of Meg: addiction to alcohol. Following unpleasant family events, Michael convinces his wife to get help at a recovery center for alcoholics anonymous. Here the path is tiring and leads the woman to lose herself. The two spouses no longer have relationships, they no longer share anything and their love seems to be shattered. To intrude too Garya former drug addict he met at the clinic, who seems to be finding ad Alice the lost serenity. Meanwhile Michael decides to take a job as a pilot in Denver, moving away from his family. After months though Meg seems to come to his senses and seems to have understood that he has lost the man of his life because of him.

  • 7. NEVER BEEN KISSED (1999):

Never been kissed

Josie GellerDrew Barrymore – is a 25-year-old reporter from Chicago Sun Times who has the dream of becoming a special correspondent but does not believe much in its potential. But not only in the professional field, but also in the sentimental field. During the school years, in fact, the girl was targeted by her classmates, and now her shyness prevents her from having a relationship with a man, so much so that, as she herself says, she has never been kissed. Everything changes when an excellent job opportunity opens up for her: the editor-in-chief entrusts her with an article on the new generations. The woman will therefore find herself pretending to be a high school student and reliving the years in which she was shy and naive. Her until she falls in love with Sam CoulsonMichael Vartan – the professor of literature. But how will the man react when he finds out about the plan put in place by what he believed to be a naive young student?

  • 8. BLUE PRINCE WANTED (2004):

Prince Charming wanted

My Thermopolis – performed by Anne Hathaway – is ready to take on the role of Princess of Genovia. But soon the young woman is confronted with the very strict laws of the small kingdom, according to which the woman must be married before she can be crowned Queen. But that doesn’t break down My which, together with Poor ClaresJulie Andrews – the affectionate and wise grandmother to whom he will have to succeed, will begin the acquaintance of a series of suitors. After a long selection she gets to know Andrew Jacoby, an impeccable gentleman with whom the engagement begins. In the meantime, however, the Viscount Mabreypointing to the throne, pushes his grandson Nicholas Deveraux to woo My to achieve his goal. The two boys end up falling in love but also face fierce battles in parliament to be able to change the law. Will the long-awaited wedding be celebrated? And if so, among whom?

  • 9. UNDER THE HAWAII SKY (2015):

Under the Hawaiian sky

When past and present meet.

The military Brian Gilcrest – interpreted by Bradley Cooper – after a heated discussion with his superior he is sent to Honolulu, in the territory of Hawaii, to supervise a new space program conceived by the billionaire Carson Welch (Bill Murray). Here, however, he will have to deal not only with institutional tasks but also with a part of his past: his ex-girlfriend Tracy Woodsideplayed by Rachel McAdams. But not only. In fact, on the spot, the man unexpectedly falls in love with a young Air Force pilot: the Captain Allison (Emma Stone). The situation, however, becomes complicated when Gilcrest discovers that the launch of the new satellite hides a secret …

  • 10. THE GIRL IN THE PAINTING (2013):

The girl in the painting

If you are a lover of costume films, of a photograph that recreates images as if they were paintings, this is the film for you!

Costume film, set in the 1700s, inspired by the novel of a woman who really existed. But not only. Especially inspired by the 1779 portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle next to his cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray.

When he is only six years old Dido Elizabeth Belle – performed by Gugu Mbatha-Raw – he loses his mother (an African slave) and is entrusted to his father, the Captain John Lindsay (Matthew Goode). In her father’s home in England, she is placed in the care of her uncle, the Earl of Mansfield and his wife, to grow up with his cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray. But the condition of mulatto, with the passing of the years, will not allow Dido to occupy the same position in society as her cousin. Meanwhile, a young lawyer arrives at his uncle’s house, John Davinier (Sam Reid), which, with the help of a young woman Beautiful in love with him, she will try to end slavery in England.

Here is our list of 10 romantic movies that we recommend you watch on Disney Plus.

And you? Have you seen any of these films?

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