Warner Bros. regrets distributing the “Justice League” Snyder Cut

Warner Bros. regrets distributing the “Justice League” Snyder Cut
Warner Bros. regrets distributing the “Justice League” Snyder Cut
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Apparently, Warner Bros. Discovery executives would have regretted distributing the film’s so-called Snyder Cut. Justice Leaguepublished on the streaming platform HBO Max in 2021 (and in Italy on Sky) after the insistent requests of fans on social networks through the hashtag ReleasetheSnyderCut .

As it relates Variety, the new management of the multinational born in April from the merger of Warner Media and Discovery is convinced that the right path would have been that of patience, with the idea that the reaction of the fans would soon fade. In this way, however, people would only be encouraged to oppose the management of the company in every possible controversial situation.

According to journalists Adam B. Vary and Brent Lang, Warner Bros. would have instead become entranced to have a true rival of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his hands with the “Snyderverse”, “without being able to understand that to build such a colossus it takes blood, sweat and tears ».

The version of Justice League directed by Zack Snyder and written by Chris Terrio – based on a story by Terrio, Snyder and Will Beall – is a feature film lasting over 4 hours. In 2017, Snyder was forced to abandon the project before its conclusion due to personal problems due to the death of his daughter, leaving it in the hands of Joss Whedon, former writer and director of The Avengers.

His version of Justice League it has long been requested by the director’s fans, who expected a different film from the one released in theaters three years earlier, largely reworked by Joss Whedon and the subject of much negative criticism.


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