When Brad Pitt spent a year looking for treasure in his castle in France

When Brad Pitt spent a year looking for treasure in his castle in France
When Brad Pitt spent a year looking for treasure in his castle in France

Brad Pitt said he was convinced by a scammer that a medieval treasure existed on his property in France. Here’s what he said.

Brad Pittwhich we will meet again at the cinema on August 25th in Bullet Train, is in a very particular phase of his career, according to him (but we hope not) the final one. In addition to the promotional interviews he is releasing for the film, Pitt is the subject of a profile from GQ magazine. During this long interview, the actor and producer recounts a very singular episode of which he was the victim: a scam that led him to search his property in France, the splendid Chateau Miraval, a hidden medieval treasure.

Brad Pitt treasure hunter

At the time married to Angelina Joliein 2008 Brad Pitt he was convinced by a man he does not name that the property he had bought in France was worth much more than the $ 60 million they had paid. He was told there were “millions of dollars worth of gold”, a treasure left by the medieval owners of the Castle, “brought from the East during the Crusades and buried in the ground”. Now, tell us if this doesn’t sound like the plot of a Hollywood adventure movie. Yet Brad Pitt fell for it with all the shoes.

“I became obsessed” – said the actor, who had purchased special radar equipment for the research – “For a whole year I could hardly think of anything else, precisely because of the excitement of the thing. Maybe it has something to do with place where I grew up, because in the Ozark Mountains there were always stories of hidden gold chests. ” Eventually, however, it turned out that there was nothing at all, and that the crafty scammer had spotted him as a potential investor in a radar equipment company and made up this whole good story. “It was the research itself that was thrilling,” says Pitt. Which in the end, however, he confesses that he felt “a bit stupid”.

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