plot, cast, meaning and where the film with Luca Argentero was shot

Copperman a film released at the Cinema in 2019 of a dramatic genre and directed by Eros Puglielli starring Luca Argentero. A film that represents a hymn to the love and solidarity of the other. At the center of the story more than the characters, the possibility of daring and loving is enhanced even if one is different with some limitations. The important thing is to believe in yourself despite everything.



Copperman: plot

Copperman is an Italian film that tells the story of story of Anselmo, a special man. Through his eyes, reality takes on the colors of fairy tales, the purity of children and the magical power of superheroes. Growing up without learning to distrust others, despite the harshness of his life, he will still be able to maintain his clear and particular vision of the world.

Anselmo tries in his life to do the superhero, at first without the armor and so he gets hurt. His mother forbids him to leave the house, many make fun of him because an “autistic” hero is not very credible. Also he begins to perform some deeds, but he doesn’t have a name. He is without identity. From here he develops the rest of the story.

Copperman: cast

The Main character is played by Luca Argentero in the role of Anselmo / Copperman, in the cast we also find Antonia Truppo (Tweety), Galatea Ranzi (Gianna), Gianluca Gobbi (Ernesto), Tommaso Ragno (Silvano), Sebastian Dimulescu (Anselmo as a child), Angelica Bellucci (Tweety as a child), Massimo Poggio (Giovanni) and Paolo Romano (Mario).

Meaning and where the film with Luca Argentero was shot

To get to know his character better, Argentero talked to patients close to the AITA group of Rome, specialized in assisting autistic subjects, trying to understand and internalize their way of seeing the world. In fact, at the center of the story told by the film, there is the autism theme. It is a hymn of love, a courageous tale that overcomes every human difficulty and limitation for the other. The term Copperman means “Copper man”and represents in the film the hero that everyone can become to bring harmony and peace into the lives of the people around him

The shooting of the film, even if an unspecified Italian city is reported, took place in Umbria, in particular in Spoleto. Finally, the director said, at the end of filming, that he was inspired by the production of Hayao Miyazaki and from the cinema of Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

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