‘Frozen’s success was frustrating’

‘Frozen’s success was frustrating’
‘Frozen’s success was frustrating’

Lilo & Stitch it was certainly not a flop, at the time of its release in theaters: the 2002 film still boasts millions of loyal fans, but despite this, its memory seems to have been overshadowed by the results obtained by some Disney-branded works of the following years … Like Frozen, just to name one.

The reference is anything but coincidental: Lilo & Stitch director Chris Sanders, in fact, admitted having felt a little bit of resentment at the time of the sensational success achieved by the story of Anna and Elsa: was it possible that no one remembered the wonderful relationship between Lilo and her sister staged only a few years earlier?

To be clear, I think Frozen is great. But for me it was a little frustrating, because people were like, ‘Oh, with these two girls we have finally a non-romantic relationship‘. But I thought, ‘But we’ve already done it! We’ve done it before! ‘“were the words of Sanders, who after years wanted to admit his understandable disappointment without diminishing the value of the work of his colleagues.

And you, which side are you on? Lilo and Nani or Anna and Elsa? Tell us yours in the comments! Here, in the meantime, you can find our review of Frozen 2 – The Secret of Arendelle.

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