Brooke Shields returns to attack Franco Zeffirelli and reveals what the director did to simulate an orgasm

Brooke Shields returns to attack Franco Zeffirelli and reveals what the director did to simulate an orgasm
Brooke Shields returns to attack Franco Zeffirelli and reveals what the director did to simulate an orgasm
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After the allegations and the related lawsuit filed by the actors Romeo and Juliet, Olivia Hussey And Leonard Whitingat the Paramount because of the film film directed by Frank Zeffirelli (we told you HERE of all the details), another actress, i.e Brooke Shieldshas now attacked the deceased Florentine director, who directed her as a teenager and still 16 in the romantic film Endless Lovefrom 1981.

Present at the Sundance Film Festival 2023 with the documentary about his life Pretty BabyBrooke Shieldsthe interpreter accused Zeffirelli, who died in 2019, of sexual abuse and said she did not feel particularly safe with him on the set, also given the theme of the film (the sex life of teenagers in Chicago): «The physicality and exploration of sexuality felt really dangerous to me, and I didn’t trust the director’s ability to create a safe environment for me».

In the film the characters named Jade (Brooke Shields) e David (Martin Hewitt) love each other, but her family, albeit progressive, does not look favorably on the relationship between the two. David, after a stunt, is sent to an asylum; Jade moves to Manhattan. They meet again, but tragedy is near. The film, which turned out to be a good success at the box office and received an Oscar nomination in the category reserved for the original song for Endless loveperformed by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, also featured a young Tom Cruise in the cast.

During a sex scene with Hewitt, according to Shields it would have happened the most extreme and painful fact for her: Zeffirelli allegedly twisted her toe to get what he wanted from her and from her face, that is the simulation of reaching an orgasmhowever ending up upsetting her very much, given that the actress did not know at the time what the climax of the sexual act was: «Zeffirelli kept taking my big toe and twisting it so that I assumed… an image of ecstasy? But he was more distress than anything else, because he was hurting me».

The actress defined that exploitation as, in her opinion, a real “transaction”, and then intervened precisely on the denunciation of the protagonists of Romeo and Julietrecently topical: «It was a very different era in cinema and a lot of different directors took liberties. They said one thing to the actors and then they said another to the studio. They were in charge and they were the real stars. I was lucky to have my mother with me on set, Franco hated her. He respected her, but I think I was a lot more sheltered than a lot of other actors probably were».

In the same product, the actress also revealed of having been raped by an actor during her career. The violence allegedly took place after graduating from Princeton: Shields did not name the assault on him, but she said she later met him other times in work contexts. «I was afraid of being suffocated. I didn’t even fight, I just said to myself: “She stays alive and then she runs away”»says Shields again in the documentary, which also tells of the media obsession with her virginity, her mother’s alcoholism and her first marriage to well-known tennis player Andre Agassi, from whom she divorced after less than two years of marriage in 1999 (the conjugal union was effectively annulled).


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