Packed Saturday for Me against you who keep first place

Packed Saturday for Me against you who keep first place
Packed Saturday for Me against you who keep first place
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Sunday 22 January 2023 – box office

Rich Saturday for Me Against You – The Movie: Jungle Quest which retains first place with 800 thousand euros and rises to 1.3 million. They stay on the podium Avatar – The way of waterwith 512 thousand euros and a total of 41.6 million e Babylonwhich collects another 319 thousand euros and rises to 540 thousand. Thank you guys it is fourth with 240 thousand euros and 1.3 million in total. Three too many back fifth with 155 thousand euros and almost 4.2 million, The Eight Mountains collects 139 thousand euros and rises to 4.9 million, M3gan gets 123 thousand euros and passes the 2 million share. They close Puss in Boots 2 – The Last Wish with 79 thousand euros and 5.5 million, The Fabelmans with 73 thousand euros and 2.7 million e The big day which obtains 61 thousand euros and reaches a total of 7 million.
They arrive next week In bed with Sartre, Hometown – Memory Lane, The first day of my life, auditions, The Plane, Prophets, Trieste is beautiful at night, The Second Way, Three Minutes, Terezin, Billie Eilish: Live At the O2. Integral version, High Maintenance – Life and Works of Dani Karavan.

$3.4 million debut for missingwhich will fight for second place in the American box office, given that Avatar – The way of water he should win yet another weekend, after a 4.6 million Friday that brings his total to 582.9 million. Great tussle for second place: in addition to missing they could do it too M3gan, A Man Called Otto And Puss in Boots 2 – The Last Wish, which grossed between $2.7 million and $2.6 million on Friday. The animated Japanese That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime: Scarlet Bond it obtained almost 700 thousand dollars and should finish in sixth place, the receipts of the other titles being insignificant. Among those with limited output, the best data should be that of The Sonreleased in over 500 theaters, while excellent averages should get When You Finish Saving The World of A24 e Alice Darling with Anna Kendrick. Netflix brings comedy to theaters You Peoplestarring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny, Eddie Murphy and Nia Long, which will then be available to stream from January 27th.

Box Office Italy on Saturday 21 January 2023
1. Me Against You – Jungle Mission: Euros 800,287
2. Avatar – The way of water: Euros 512,527
3. Babylon: Euros 319,302
4. Thank you guys: Euros 240.240
5. Three too many: Euros 155,472
6. The eight mountains: Euros 139,892
7. M3gan: Euros 123,684
8. Puss in Boots 2 – The Last Wish: Euros 79,756
9. The Fabelmans: Euro 73,207
10. The big day: Euros 61,824

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