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The 2023 it’s going to be a year full of content from your favorite superheroes. In fact, there will be many films and TV series that will arrive both at the cinema and on the famous streaming platform, Disney+. After 12 months of continuous excitement, a calendar full of news awaits us.

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Indeed, Disney+ it is the home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star and National Geographic. In addition, you will be able to see the entire saga of Star Wars and hilarious episodes of The Simpsons. But now let’s focus on the upcoming titles for the 2023first those in streaming and then those in the cinema.

Disney+ 2023: movies and TV series coming to the platform

So let’s see all the movies and TV series that will soon be coming up Disney+ throughout the 2023. The contents in the program are many and it is not excluded that other titles will soon become part of this incredible list:

  • January 4, 2023
    Star Wars: The Bad Batch 2;
  • March 8, 2023
    Secret Invasion;
  • summer 2023
    Loki 2;
  • year 2023
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians;
    What If…? 2;
    The Mandolarian 3;
    Win or Lose;
    Peter Pan & Wendy;
  • autumn 2023

All films arriving in 2023 at the cinema

Now let’s see all the films that will be released in cinemas throughout the 2023. Most likely these titles will then land on the live and on demand streaming platform Disney+. Ready to enjoy them all? Here they are listed:

  • February 15, 2023 (US)
    Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania;
  • May 3, 2023
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3;
  • May 24, 2023
    The little Mermaid;
  • June 2023
    Insiana Jones 5;
  • July 28, 2023
    The Marvels;
  • year 2023
    Haunted Mansion;
  • winter 2023

If you want to enjoy these and many other contents exclusively Activate your Disney membership now . Right now you can still take advantage of the annual offer it gives you 2 months free out of 12 months of access to the platform.

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