Sorrentino, films are adventures in the enigma of life – Ultima Ora

Sorrentino, films are adventures in the enigma of life – Ultima Ora
Sorrentino, films are adventures in the enigma of life – Ultima Ora
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(ANSA) – MARRAKECH, NOVEMBER 15 – “I have various projects in the pipeline, I’m taking my time, I’ve discovered, maybe it’s age, that it’s wonderful to slow down. For now, I’m sure of one thing: after It was the hand di Dio, which was an emotionally demanding film, I’m not thinking of an autobiographical story, that is unique and will remain so” Paolo Sorrentino tells ANSA during a break from his job as president of the jury of the Marrakech festival. Taking time also means reflecting on cinema, which “after years of disorientation due to the pandemic, we need to rediscover an idea of ​​auteur cinema”. Moretti talks about the ‘depressed’ sector, “even as an entrepreneur, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have recipes nor is it my job, as a spectator – continues Sorrentino – I see various problems but before declaring surrender, I think we need to do first of all good films, making cinemas attractive, industrializing in every way. But I also see La Stranezza by Roberto Andò, an excellent film that is doing well, an event that mixes Pirandello and two popular comedians like Ficarra and Picone. Blockbusters are working and films like Strangeness which has the dignity of an event. Moretti, Garrone, Bellocchio are at work, all this will help”.

Italy’s current affairs “have little hold on me as a director, by nature I am far from the hysteria of current events, from positions, from controversies. I don’t like reading about it in the newspapers or in the service of a film. Even when I shot Il Divo e Loro – says Sorrentino again – I didn’t conceive or plan them as political films, I always start from humanity, from men, from their immense complex kaleidoscope of facets. the urgency to do so, I understand, but – Sorrentino clarifies – it’s not my nature, nor my training, I prefer to make films that draw on an already settled, historicized reality, I dedicate myself to less urgent issues, I dedicate myself to the feelings of characters which is what I am most interested in. I don’t reject commitment film but I think film is more of an adventure tracing, transcending it, life and life is an enigma and so I like films that are a bit ‘ enigmatic”. (HANDLE).


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