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Seid Visin, the former AC Milan footballer who committed suicide, was a victim of racism

Seid Visin did not die of an illness, but he chose to take his own life for the climate of racism that breathed in Italy: the 20-year-old footballer of Ethiopian origin adopted as a child by a couple from Nocera Inferiore (in the province of Salerno) who had played in the youth teams of Milan and Benevento he left a letter to explain the reasons for his gesture.

The association “Mamme per la Pelle”, founded by the Milanese Gabriella Nobile, has spread it on social media to “scream out loud that if we do not join in a real anti-racist struggle, our children will continue to suffer”.

Seid wrote that “wherever I go, wherever I am, wherever I am I feel on my shoulders, like a boulder, the weight of people’s skeptical, prejudiced, disgusted and frightened looks”.

In the letter, amazement at the sudden contempt

A terrible feeling that he wasn’t used to, because “I’m not an immigrant. I was adopted when I was little. Before this great migratory flow, I remember with a little arrogance that everyone loved me. I found, everyone turned to me with great joy, respect and curiosity “.

Day against racism

Gabriella Nobile: “Italian racism is devious. To fight it, the law on citizenship”

by Alberto Custodero

March 21, 2021

Then things changed: “It seems that everything has been mystically turned upside down, it seems to my eyes that winter has fallen with extreme impetuosity and vehemence, without warning, during a clear spring day”.

The letter continues: “A few months ago I was able to find a job that I had to leave because too many people, mainly elderly, refused to be served by me and, as if that were not enough, as if I did not already feel uncomfortable, they pointed to me also the responsibility of the fact that many young Italians (whites) did not find work “.

After this experience, “something changed inside of me: as if unconscious automatisms had been created in my head; as if I was ashamed of being black, as if I was afraid of being mistaken for an immigrant, as if I had to show people that they didn’t know me that I was like them, that I was Italian, that I was white “.

Abandoned even by relatives

And this – continues Seid in his farewell letter – “when I was with my friends, led me to make jokes in bad taste about blacks and immigrants. to emphasize that I was not one of those, that I was not an immigrant. The only thing that was dominating, however, the only thing that could be understood in my way of doing things was fear. The fear of the hatred I saw in my eyes of the people towards immigrants, the fear of the contempt I felt in people’s mouths, even from my relatives who constantly melancholy invoked Mussolini and called ‘Captain Salvini’. The disappointment in seeing some friends (I don’t know if I can define them as such anymore) that when they see me they sing the ‘Casa Pound’ choir in unison “.

So the 20-year-old, who had given up professional football to devote himself to studying and was now living his love for the ball on the 5-a-side football fields, decided to get it over with: “With these raw, bitter, sad, sometimes dramatic words of mine I want to beg for commiseration or pain, but only to remind myself that the discomfort and suffering I am experiencing are a drop of water compared to the ocean of suffering that those people of marked and vigorous dignity are experiencing, who prefer to die instead of leading an existence in misery and hell “.

People who “risk their lives, and many have already lost it, just to smell, to savor, to taste the flavor of what we simply call Life”.

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