“All hams pork” – Libero Quotidiano

“All hams pork” – Libero Quotidiano
“All hams pork” – Libero Quotidiano
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Pier Luigi Bersani continues to be very active in the electoral campaign in favor of the Democratic Party, despite having decided not to run. When we have now entered the week of the vote, scheduled for Sunday 25 September, the former dem secretary spoke in connection with Tagadaon La7, to explain the reasons for such an active commitment during this electoral campaign.

“I do it intensely because I would like to be okay with my conscience – Bersani began – in the sense that this is a crucial step, so you do what you have to do and then what can happen. If they ask me about the income from citizenship? Otherwise, and in this regard I feel a lot of optimism towards the center-right, but the rumors are zero, I would recommend to see the parliamentary acts where amendments signed by the right are deposited that cancel the citizenship income to finance the rearmament. The right has an advantage but if you talk to them about civil and social rights, welfare, taxation, the proposals do not cross the country’s thinking ”.

According to Bersani, the center-right has the advantage because “they piled up and took advantage of the distrust that exists around: they make the reasoning go round ‘we have tried with everyone, now let’s also try Giorgia Melons‘. When the right has never been below 40% in Italy, they have mixed differently and then they put demagogy on us: what they say about flat tax, differentiated autonomy in the Emilian countryside is defined pig everything from hams“.

The article is in Italian

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