Fire emergency, new day of “passion” for Calabria

Fire emergency, new day of “passion” for Calabria
Fire emergency, new day of “passion” for Calabria
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The interventions

Firefighters in action in Borgia, Santa Caterina allo Jonio, Antonimia and Crotone

Published on: 09/19/2022 – 19:14

CATANZARO Fire brigade teams of the Catanzaro headquarters and voluntary detachment of Girifalco, with tanker support for water supply, are engaged from about 3.10 pm in Fiasco Baldaia in the municipality of Borgia for the burning of vegetation in the area. Affected by the burning of the high Mediterranean scrub and wooded area.
Firefighters in action with 5 vehicles and 14 units to circumscribe and extinguish the fire front.
Considering the vast and inaccessible area, it was also necessary to send a Director of the extinguishing operations to coordinate the ground teams and the Drago VF50 aircraft of the Lamezia Terme flight department. Further interventions are currently underway for forest fires and vegetation in the Calabrian territory.
In the province of Catanzaro in the municipality of Santa Caterina dello Ionioin Reggio Calabria in the municipality of Antonimina where the request for aircraft was made to support the extinguishing operations. From the early afternoon a fire in Cipolla locality in the Municipality of Crotone is requesting the intervention of numerous teams of the Command as the flames have spread near homes. There are currently no injuries to people.


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