In the archive the silver final in athletics / for Arcs Perugia historic promotion in the gold category

In the archive the silver final in athletics / for Arcs Perugia historic promotion in the gold category
In the archive the silver final in athletics / for Arcs Perugia historic promotion in the gold category
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(UNWEB) Perugia. Great success at Santa Giuliana for the national appointment with the silver final of the absolute championship for athletics teams. Two days of competitions, of colors, of celebration in a Santa Giuliana returned to its former sporting splendor.

The celebration of Umbrian and Perugian athletics in particular was then completed with the historic fourth place in the women’s sector of Arcs Cus Perugia, a result that allows the team to be promoted to the gold final.

Excellent results in all the red and white competitions with compulsory mentions for second place in the shot put with Monia Cantarella, third place for Elena Ribigini in the 3000 meter steeplechase; fourth place for Nadine Santificetur in the 100 meters hurdles; third place for Gloria Guerrini in the 800 meters; second place for Francesca Zafrani in pole vaulting; fourth place for Benedetta Scarponi in the javelin throw, fourth place for the 4×400 relay.

The municipal administration, with the councilor for sport, expressed great satisfaction for the success of the event, which brought Perugia and its Santa Giuliana stadium back into the spotlight of the great Italian athletics. A challenge won thanks to the close collaboration between the Municipality, Fidal, Coni and Perugia and Umbrian sports clubs. Now the next step is the planned interventions to further improve the stadium, while the ambition is to host other national and perhaps international competitions.

Finally, congratulations were expressed by the Administration to Arcs Cus Perugia which, with the historic promotion to the gold final, put the classic icing on the cake for a beautiful weekend.


triple jump (Mara Griva – atl. Cascina)

hammer throw (Rachele Mori – atl. Livorno)

100 obstacles (Anna Bionda – Cus Trieste).

100 meters (Irene Siragusa – atl. 2005)

200 meters (Irene Siragusa – atl. 2005)

400 meters (Maurina Invida – Running Napoli)

800 meters (Maurina Invida – Running Napoli)

500 meters (Cavaline Nahimana – Unicusano Livorno);

high jump (Asia Tavernini – Trentingrana)

1500 meters (Micol Majori – Pro Sesto);

3000 hedges (Linda Palumbo – Trentingrana);

shot put (Anna Musci – Locorotondo

4 × 100 (Atl. 2005),

march (Federica Curiazi – Bergamo)

400 meters hurdles (Daniela Supe – Running Napoli)

Pole vault (Francesca Semeraro – Locorotondo);

Long jump (Mara Griva (Cascina);

Disco (Stefania Strumillo -Atl. 2005);

Martello (Rachele Mori – Atl. Livorno);

Javelin (Veronica Becuzzi Cascina)

4 x 400 (Atl. Bergamo)

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By virtue of the results, here is the ranking of companies: primacy for the atl. Cascina, followed by Trentingrana, Livorno and Arcs Perugia: the four teams are promoted to the gold final. Fifth place for Naples, then Bergamo, Livorno, Pro Sesto, Locorotondo, Trieste, Atletica 2005 and Cagliari.


110 obstacles (Riccardo del Torre – atl. Brugnera);

100 meters (Mattia Donola- Pro Sesto);

200 meters (Mattia Donola – Pro Sesto).

auction (Matteo Miani- Assindustria)

400 meters (Matteo Raimondi – Pro Sesto),

400 meters hurdles (Federico Garofoli -Atl. Livorno);

800 meters (Enrico Riccobon – Brugnera Pordenone)

disco (Alessio Mannucci – atl. Livorno)

1500 meters (Masresha Costa – atl. Brugnera),

triple (Simone Biasutti – atl. Trieste),

3000 hedges (Osama Zoghlami Cus Palermo),

5000 meters: Osama Zoghlami (Cus Palermo)

Martello (Luca Marchiori – Assindustria);

4 × 100 (atl.Trieste),

High jump (Ernesto Pascone – Cus Palermo)

Long jump (Jacopo Quarratesi – Atl. Livorno).

Shot put (Riccardo Ferrara – Cus Palermo);

Javelin (Patriks Gailums – Atl. Aversa).

march: (Emilio Brigante – Atl. Trieste);

4×400: Futura Roma.

In light of these results, here is the ranking by company: in first place the Pro sixth, followed by Palermo, Brugnera and Milone (these four teams are promoted to the gold final). Fifth place for Assindustria, then Trieste, Livorno, Aversa, Trevisatletica, Futura Roma and Imola.

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