Water: Gran Sasso, ready Water Emergency Prevention Plan – Abruzzo

Water: Gran Sasso, ready Water Emergency Prevention Plan – Abruzzo
Water: Gran Sasso, ready Water Emergency Prevention Plan – Abruzzo
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President Piccinini, the goal is widespread prevention

(ANSA) – L’AQUILA, 19 SEP – Gran Sasso Acqua spa has planned the technical-operational measures to prevent and deal with possible hydro-drinking emergencies with the PEI, Water Emergency Prevention Plan, illustrated in a press conference by the president Alessandro Piccinini, by the acting technical director, Mario Di Gregorio, with the participation of the director of the Civil Protection Emergency Service and Functional Center of the Abruzzo Region, Silvio Liberatore.
“In the area of ​​reference, the EIP affects the 31 shareholder municipalities managed by the company – introduced the president Piccinini – the goal is prevention, we constantly monitor the state of drinking water resources, but in case of extraordinary and unpredictable events of significant entity we immediately activate the corporate crisis unit which will operate until the end of the need with a coordination office, one or more emergency teams and an operations room with action coordinated by civil protection. We want to open ourselves to people – he added – and reassure them that our prevention activity is widespread with tools and water storage systems capable of preventing any danger of pollution even before it occurs “.
“A Prevention Plan was missing – said Liberatore – and if prevention improves, it is easier to manage the emergency. It is a Plan that identifies all the possibilities, from drought to instability, from earthquakes to pollution of the groundwater, and how to intervene . We have a good mobile column and 6 thousand volunteers, we can reach even the smallest municipality and fragile people in case of water shortage. Gran Sasso Acqua is the first manager, of the six present in Abruzzo, to make such timely planning “.
“We are constantly working on prevention with the Abruzzo Region” added Di Gregorio “we regularly monitor the water of the Gran Sasso and also in our territories it will be necessary to sensitize the communities on water saving. In our intervention model, everyone knows what to do about each specific thing and thanks to widespread communication to the institutions concerned and to the citizens, any emergency can be overcome in the best possible way “.

On the sidelines of the meeting, urged by journalists, President Piccinini provided some updates on the underground services. “The first portion is practically completed” he explained “in recent months, together with the companies and designers, we have worked on possible solutions to unblock the implementation procedures of the five lots of the second portion. The city is constantly changing, residents and commercial activities, public offices and other businesses have returned to fully experience the historic center, with a community that lives in the capital with which the inconveniences of construction sites live together. Soon we will present a variant to the Municipality of the only lot started, the second, which in recent months has been blocked by the Superintendency for some discoveries and bureaucratic delays that we will try to overcome, the variant will have a passage in the Council for approval, as per conventional obligations. If the administration shares the methodological approach adopted – he added – we will be able to modulate the solutions identified to speed up the completion of the other lots “. (ANSA).


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