IGP Piedmont hazelnut: “Countryside of excellent quality”

IGP Piedmont hazelnut: “Countryside of excellent quality”
IGP Piedmont hazelnut: “Countryside of excellent quality”
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Ilenia Scanavino: “The drought has led to a strong drop, but also aromatic fruits. Before selling, we wait “

Looking at the glass half full, there are also those who are substantially satisfied, in the Roero area, with the trend of the 2022 coriliculture campaign. Ilenia Scanavino, company owner Bosco Giovanna of Priocca (Cuneo).

“The high temperatures of the summer – explains Scanavino – have certainly caused suffering in plants, which in some way to defend themselves from the heat have dropped several fruits before they reached maturity. We therefore recorded a rather substantial drop. However, this situation has also generated a sort of concentration of the organoleptic substances inside the fruits, so this year’s hazelnuts are particularly good and rich in aromas. I am therefore very satisfied with regard to quality ”.

Even on gauges it went pretty well. “The first flowering, which suffered the most from the heat – continues Scanavino – resulted in more shriveled and smaller sized fruits than the norm. The second flowering, on the other hand, gave larger and excellent quality hazelnuts “.

Still remains theunknown prices. Unknown for which the entrepreneur is adopting a wait-and-see position. “Given that we transform a large part of our production – she says – we are only partially interested in the prices that are offered for wholesale. However, I heard that initially absurd quotations had come out, for example 180 euros per quintal in shell, really unthinkable for us producers. Waiting for a reasonable price, therefore, we don’t sell and we think about transforming ”.

Speaking of transformation, a few are planned for next autumn-winter new projects by the Bosco Giovanna company. “We are planning to include the nougat with hazelnuts and praline hazelnuts with chocolate “, Ilenia Scanavino concludes.

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