“The skeleton will be completed by the end of the year”

“The skeleton will be completed by the end of the year”
“The skeleton will be completed by the end of the year”
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The inspection

Inspection by the president of Calabria at the construction sites: «In May there was still nothing. It is the demonstration that Calabria can also be governed “

Published on: 09/19/2022 – 6:04 pm

CORIGLIANO ROSSANO «On May 4th I came to make an inspection here. All this was not there. Now by the end of the year we would have the entire skeleton of the structure finished ». This was stated by the president of the Calabria Region Roberto Occhiuto in a video posted on social media that resumes him during the inspection carried out on the construction sites of the Sibaritide hospital. «It is the demonstration – he commented – that when things are wanted to be done, they are done. And that even Calabria can be governed and governed well ». Describing the next works, Occhiuto announced that “by the end of the year two more floors will be raised and the skeleton of the structure will be completed”. Speaking with a worker involved in the construction of the hospital, the latter underlines “we also work on Sundays, we are busy 24 hours a day”. The video then scrolls through the dates of May 4 with images of the state of the art at that time and that of September 18, in which the raised structure can be seen.


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