Lobotka’s obscene acts, the c ** ate against Napoli, the arrogance of Kvara and the end of Meret’s torments

Lobotka’s obscene acts, the c ** ate against Napoli, the arrogance of Kvara and the end of Meret’s torments
Lobotka’s obscene acts, the c ** ate against Napoli, the arrogance of Kvara and the end of Meret’s torments
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Simeone crushes the San Siro with the zuccata that brings Napoli to the head. Rrahmani and Kim super, great performance by Mario Rui and Kvaratskhelia.


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Zero chance. The Napoli had been unloaded on the side of the road, like a bathtub that I miss at the flea market you could get fifty euros. A large section of the national press had already officiated the funeral, as happens punctually at every summer session. Downsizing, items of assignment of De Laurentiis, the sheikhs, the Americans, the Swiss, the chocolate, Amazon, Elon Musk and even Donald Trump. An endless list of bullshit for not recognizing the seriousness of this project, which even after an amazing start to the season manages to snatch the foreground on two national sports newspapers. Do a little bit of calculations …

One is the complaint filed against Lobotka for obscene acts in a public place. It is a shameless display of attributes that of Stan, who after a first time in a cage frees himself from the chains and begins to dominate like Pantani on Alpe d’Huez in ’97. Recalling an old spot of batteries, while everyone goes out he is still trotting in the middle of the field to dictate the pace of the match and often send the Rossoneri pressing out of bounds. Command in a low voice is the supreme form of control. Deliciously Lobotka.

Two pillars in the center of the heartin defense of troubles, in the service of some moments of weakness. Rrahmani And Kim complement each other like Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger in Jerry Maguire, who had already convinced us at ‘Ciao’. Monstrous impact for the new titular couple, to the point of thinking that there was no break in the transition between Koulibaly and the South Korean Monster. Min-Jae’s scream in the 96th minute, after having saved in a flying split over Brahim Diaz, terrorizes Milan and all the provinces up to Pioltello.

Three points branded ‘Professor’. He could play in a suit and tie Mario Rui, who roams near operations with his 24 hour aftershave that tastes like rain. Lonely men for the uniqueness of a performance that stands out above the others, for that assist that is a pink apostrophe between the words L’Amo. Because Simeone throws the bait, the defense takes the bait, but it took Mario’s little foot to put it right on the Cholito’s pumpkin. “When I grow up I want to become a scientist!” Little Rui repeated. And so it was.

Four shots granted to Napoli, says Pioli at the end of the match. It was a game of chess and in some games, making the first move doesn’t always guarantee victory. The Azzurri won it with patience, contained the Rossoneri outburst at the start and contemplated the idea that the right moment could come, honoring the cult of waiting that belongs to dreamers. There is no improvisation in the San Siro plot, there is an ability to plan that is astounding lucidity for this newly assembled creature. Milan could have won, Napoli knew how to win. Nothing was left to chance, nothing happened due to fortuitous events. There is a great will behind these three points.

Half past five in Zerbin who finds himself thrown into a WWE-style Royal Rumble without having the physical and emotional strength to take the impact. He has to play a part he’s not ready to play, a role he doesn’t yet belong to. Like Fantozzi’s Franchino that he finds himself promoting a deodorant: Spalletti’s risky choice. Which could cost very dearly, a price perhaps too high for a boy who risks getting burned. Judgment Luciano, judgment.

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Six and a half for the offensive phaseseven more for the defensive one. Politano he was handling an awkward customer like Theo with clarity, it is no coincidence that Napoli started bleeding in that area of ​​the pitch since his injury. Useful and lucky, which never hurts: a penalty kicked so badly, which passes under the belly of the best goalkeeper in the league is praise to the initial Match Point monologue: “People are afraid to admit how much luck matters in life, it’s terrifying to think it’s so out of control”. Hero also by chance, what’s the harm.

Seven wins out of nine official races. First in Serie and also in the Champions League, winning on the pitch of Milan, Lazio and asphalting Liverpool. It looks like a cube of Rubik this Naples, capable of showing different faces and being a puzzle for anyone who tries to find a solution to the Neapolitan enigma. Always find a way to hurt this team, which has more solutions than the last page of the puzzle week. It’s not the victories that bode well, it’s the way they were achieved.

Otto the impassive Kvaratskhelia. It is shocking the ability of the number 77 to never weaken his enthusiasm, always looking for the decisive play even when the race seems to be going in other directions. He manages, for long stretches alone, to counteract the inertia of the match that would like to bring the dispute to the side of the Devil. Servant for anyone who tries to contain him, because in the long run he knocks you out, that you have to kick him and knock him down: the Clockwork Orange style treatment drives Calabria, Kjaer and then Serginho out of his mind who knocks him out in the area. Never a better day than today to recall the poetic thought of Bellavista: “My San Gennaro, don’t worry, you know I love you. But na feint ‘and Kvaratskhelia loosens’ o sanghe dint’e veins ”.

Nine touches: Simeone has touched the ball just nine times against Milan. Only nine times. Proof that the concept of quantity is often overestimated, that the moments that steal your breath can be counted on the fingers of your hands. You have to be punctual for appointments with destiny and this Cholito walks around the field with this huge watch, like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, which seems to run randomly and instead always knows where to go. How to be present at meetings with history. From Liverpool to San Siro: two moments of eternal conquered at first glance.

Ten to Meret’s night, with the special flavor of the definitive rebirth. No more ashes, the phoenix has closed the circle and spread its wings again. Fly Alex on Giroud’s close-range shot and orient the whole subsequent plot of the race and his future as well. There is no more grudge, it is a page that is projected to the white of new stories, a new chapter that is just waiting to be lived as a protagonist. After hot ink, which burned the skin, now the line has become light, free, carefree. And there is nothing more beautiful than a sun rising again after so much darkness. The goal of Napoli is entrusted to its rightful owner.

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