“Baciccia beans”, tender Ligurian green beans emigrated to the USA: they returned home …

“Baciccia beans”, tender Ligurian green beans emigrated to the USA: they returned home …
“Baciccia beans”, tender Ligurian green beans emigrated to the USA: they returned home …
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Can the “ligustic flavors” come from the other side of the world? Certainly yes, do you think what pesto would be without basil brought to Pra by the crusader Bartolomeo Decotto on his return from the Holy Land? What about brandacujun without Norwegian stockfish? And can the “ligustic flavors” return after a long journey to the other end of the world?

Yes, this is the case of “Baciccia Beans”, the “Baciccia bean”, closely linked to a family history of his friend Sergio Rossi, a profound connoisseur of the history of Ligurian products and recipes. But he didn’t even know the “Baciccia beans”. Let’s go in order and take a trip to the evening of 3 October 1906 when Michele Trucco, Sergio’s great-grandfather, is killed in Montoggio, in the woods, while he was returning home at the reins of his gig. The newspapers of the time spoke of a revenge after a quarrel, they even wrote the names of the killers, but one of them managed to escape to America. Giovanni Battista, Michele’s eldest son, embarks on a steamer in search of the murderer. As a detective he will have no luck, but in Stockton, California, a town populated by Ligurian emigrants, he will find love and luck.

Time jump, 1986, Sergio Rossi goes to the United States to visit his American uncle who, as if to testify his connection with Montoggio and Liguria, shows him green beans: “They are Baciccia beans, you know them, right”? No, Sergio does not know them and deepens them. The fact that in the United States they are called Baciccia is an indication of full-blown Genoese identity, but were they brought overseas by a Genoese emigrant or are they American beans wisely cultivated by emigrants? A puzzle not yet solved, certainly there is the fact that in the United States the production of Baciccia beans is enormous, the bean with the Genoese nickname is among the most appreciated by consumers.

Sergio Rossi, returning from his uncle’s visit, brought with him a bag of seeds that he cultivates regularly, but some of them entrusted them to the Marsano Agricultural Institute to multiply the seeds: “The idea is to bring back, after more than a century , the Baciccia beans, very tender and buttery, to populate the gardens of Genoa and Liguria “.

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