compensation of one million euros

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Compensation of one million euros from the Puglia Region, for the exchange of two newborn girls. The chance discovery only in 2012, after having lived in each other’s family.

Two baby girls in a cot –

Incredible story of exchange of infants in the hospital. The facts date back to 1989when Trinitapoli at the hospital of Canosa two little girls were exchanged in the cradle and entrusted to families different.

Puglia, millionaire compensation: two girls exchanged in the cradle in 1989

It looks like the plot of a movie, yet that’s what happened to Antonella and Lorena. Two 33-year-old women who have lived through their entire adolescence one in the family of the other. It happened to Trinitapoli, town of 13 thousand inhabitants in the province of Barletta. Both were born in 1989 a few minutes away, 11, in the same hospital, that of Canosaon June 22.

After the birth, however, two o’clock girls were exchanged cradle by an operator, who entrusted them in this way to the wrong families, exchanging them. A tragic mistake, discovered incredibly by chance by one of the two girls, in 2012. It was Antonella who noticed the clamorous misunderstanding.

A tragic episode that changed the lives of the two girls forever. The exchange would take place after childbirth, once the newborn girls transferred to the nursery. But neither of the two girls had an identification bracelet, so, according to the sentence, their mothers did not know of the error.

On Facebook, the young woman had in fact noticed by looking at photos of the similarities with two women with whom she had no kinship. Such accurate similarities led to the decision to make a DNA testthen also on Lorraine.

And the suspicions were well founded, since the test determined not only that Antonella had been entrusted to the wrong parents, but that Lorenza too had grown up in the wrong family. A shocking discovery for the two then just over 20, who after a year of discovery had the test confirmed.


From here, the claim for compensation first to the hospital, then the long legal battle, which ended in recent months with the victory of Antonella and the compensation of one million euros from the Puglia Region. For Lorena, however, the lawsuit is still pending

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Exchange of infants in the hospital: the controversies of the case

Is that shocking discovery it has turned into two virtually unprecedented complaints and claims for compensation. The cases were brought to the courts of Bari and Trani. Antonellaand his biological parents, meanwhile it causes against the Asl and Bat, which, however, after the trial were not held directly responsible, and due to compensate with one million euros the damage caused.

The person responsible was therefore identified in the Puglia Region, since he was in charge of the Canosa hospital where the exchange took place. It is precisely from the failure to apply the braceletbecause of all the misunderstanding, which materialized the damage made known to the court in his verdict.

Hospital –

The operators should have been obliged to deliver to the mother – as well as to carry out the treatment after delivery – the child she gave birth. This obligation not respected has therefore resulted in a damage incredible for everyone involved. No hypothesis of prescriptionthe verdict still reads, given that the damage has been counted since the news of the exchange was learned, therefore from 2012 and not from 1989.

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