Was Giuliano De Seta alone or was the supervisor with him?

Was Giuliano De Seta alone or was the supervisor with him?
Was Giuliano De Seta alone or was the supervisor with him?
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NOVENTA DI PIAVE (VENICE) – The investigations of the carabinieri and Spisal continue, but already one relation rather detailed arrived on the table of the pm Antonia Sartoriowner of the investigation who opened a file for manslaughter. So far there are still no entries in the register of suspects. What is certain is that the soldiers of the San Donà company recorded the statements of those who were inside the Bc Service of Noventa di Piave when the tragedy that cost her life was consummated Giuliano De Seta, 18 years old, from Ceggia, intern as part of the school-work alternation project. Among them also the son of the sole director, Luca Brugnerotto, 39 years old from Salgareda, partner together with another Treviso-born company that has its registered office in Volpago del Montello and another operating unit in San Donà.

Between today and tomorrow, the Venice Public Prosecutor’s Office will confer the task ofautopsy: «We too – explains the family lawyer Luca Sprezzola – will appoint a biased expert. As already reiterated, no one is accused, but we want to understand what happened, to establish the dynamics with certainty, if Giuliano at that time was alone or as required by the internship legislation he was together with his supervisor. Giuliano at BC Service had already worked in the two summer months, July and August, with a regular apprenticeship contract and knew how to behave. It was father Enzo who made contact because Giuliano wanted to earn some money during the holidays ».

Student who died during the internship, what happened?

In this regard, the outcome of the inspection and checks carried out by the Spisal staff in order to identify any anomalies on the machinery in use or violations of the rules and devices regarding safety in the workplace is fundamental. From what has emerged so far it seems that the student of Itis Da Vinci in Portogruaro was screwing screws on the steel bar weighing twenty quintals resting on two trestles: for reasons all to be clarified that same bar suddenly collapsed on him. killing him. The rescues alerted immediately unfortunately were not served. After this tragedy, the director of the institute where Giuliano was attending the fifth year decided to suspend the active internships, recalling all the boys in the class. “A decision of which we take note – concludes the lawyer Sprezzola – and we hope it will serve to raise awareness on the fact that school-work alternation should be disciplined in a different way”.

Giuliano’s parents

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Meanwhile, yesterday Luca Brugnerotto went to Giuliano’s house, met and talked with his parents, mother Antonella and father Enzo, with whom he has known for some time, and he gave them his condolences in person after two interminable days. “How can a person stand in the face of such a fact?” – Brugnerotto said yesterday – I am close to Giuliano’s parents, I am at their disposal and I am sorry for what happened ».
He and Enzo De Seta have known each other since they were 13 and this also favored the 18-year-old’s entry into the Brugnerotto company, both under contract in the summer, and from 5 September within the school-work alternation project.

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