Agostino Capogrosso (GEA): Energy income in Puglia, chronicle of an announced failure! “

Agostino Capogrosso (GEA): Energy income in Puglia, chronicle of an announced failure! “
Agostino Capogrosso (GEA): Energy income in Puglia, chronicle of an announced failure! “
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“I am in favor of photovoltaics and wind power, but attempting to exploit a topic of such importance is not acceptable: in Manduria it was used only as a decoy”

On the subject of energy income, we receive and publish a speech by GEA city councilor Agostino Capogrosso.

“Several times I have intervened on the subject, specifying that I am absolutely in favor of the use of alternative sources, such as photovoltaic and wind power, which we talk about too often without knowledge of the facts and only for speculative and consensus purposes, as unfortunately happened in Manduria with the propaganda in the style of “red herring” of the “FREE” photovoltaic system, carried out by an administration with the M5S license plate, at a time when families also find it difficult to pay their bills.

The attempt to exploit a topic of such importance is not acceptable and I am sorry to have to point it out, and to have to point out that the M5S has contributed in a decisive way to the failure of the initiative in Puglia. It was born, in fact, with laudable assumptions, such as that of encouraging the use of renewable sources especially among the weakest sections of the population, but unfortunately it ended very badly, as often happens, when faced with incapacity and incompetence.

On 22 August the deadline for submitting applications on energy income expired and as announced in my previous interventions, very few applications were presented and very few installation companies that actually joined the initiative.

The main criticalities of this measure were highlighted in two of my contributions, that of 07/26/2022 on PugliaPress and that of August 1, 2022 on ManduriaOggi.

I only remember a few:

– limit to the maximum power of the installation,

– remote monitoring of production for 20 years,

– need to take out an “all risk” policy that ensures operation for 10 years,


– presence of restrictions on the sale and leasing of the property,

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– inability to disconnect the electricity supply in case of non-use of the property,

– inability to reconsider and disassemble the system before 20 years for any reason

– deadlines too tight for companies to collect adhesions, make inspections, estimates and agreements with the beneficiary who instead undertakes, “irrevocably”

But the most significant criticalities, which made the many companies initially enabled to back off, were above all the need to anticipate the cost and take on all the bureaucracy and to ensure that the plant produced the maximum yield for 10 years, under penalty of revocation of the incentive paid!

In short, many and such unreasonable conditions that have led companies not to join and citizens to choose to buy the plant directly, taking advantage of more valid and certainly more streamlined measures such as the discount on the invoice or the tax deduction, taking all benefits and without commitments to anyone. And if until last year the payback time was on the order of 8/10 years, from this year with the price of energy skyrocketing, the return has dropped to 4/5 years!

As for the transfer of credit (superbonus 110%), this year unfortunately went badly due to the damage caused by the “scammers” of the facades bonus and to the poor choices of the government on combating fraud. But the mechanism of the credit transfer works, indeed, 110 without the credit transfer, in fact, is worth nothing!

The news of the release of the credit assignment with the Aid Decree bis, approved on 13 September, is in fact, without a doubt, positive ».

Agostino Capogrosso

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