the proposals of Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia for the 2022 elections

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What are the proposals of the center right on the school for political elections which will be held on Sunday 25 September? This is a very topical question given that the coalition is considered the great favorite for the electoral victory.

In these 2022 political elections, the center-right has achieved a coalition programwith the individual lists (Fratelli d’Italia, Lega, Forza Italia and Noi Moderati) who then also drafted their own documents containing their respective proposals for the sector.

As per tradition, school is a central theme of the center-right’s electoral program, with ample space that was also dedicated to the health issue linked to the pandemic from Covid.

So let’s see in detail what are the main proposals of the center-right for schools, also taking a look at what is in the individual electoral programs of League, Brothers of Italy, Come on Italy And We Moderatesfor the 2022 general elections.

Elections 2022: the center-right school program

In view of the 2022 general elections, the center right has drawn up eight hands a coalition program which was then signed by all the leaders. These are the proposals for the school contained in the text that can be viewed in pdf and in its complete version via the box at the bottom of the article.

  • Extraordinary plan for the elimination of the precariousness of teaching staff and investment in the training and updating of teachers.
  • Reviewing the academic career in a merit-based and professionalizing sense.
  • Enhancement and promotion of vocational technical schools aimed at introducing young people to the world of work.
  • Alignment with European parameters of investment in research.
  • Encourage university courses for STEM professions.
  • Greater support for deserving and incompetent students.
  • Recognize the freedom of educational choice of families through the school voucher.
  • Promote the return of highly skilled Italians currently abroad.

Let’s see instead what are the commitments for the school present in electoral programs of the individual lists.



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  • Improvement and strengthening of school-work alternation.
  • Overcoming the precariousness, covering the shortage of teaching staff and Ata, adjusting salaries.
  • Develop vocational institutes as highly specialized schools.
  • Health prevention, no more distance learning.

Brothers of Italy

  • Updating school curricula, protecting classics and strengthening the teaching of scientific subjects in all institutes, starting with mathematics.
  • Establishment of the high school of Made in Italy.
  • Progressive alignment of teaching staff salaries to the European average.

Come on Italy

  • Recognition of the freedom of choice of families through the school voucher.
  • Establishment of the figure of the school psychologist and the psychologist for primary care.
  • Introduction into the school program of one hour of emotional education useful for having a comparison with parents not only on teaching but also on the personality of the pupils.
  • Funds for schools and universities for air sanitation and purification systems, through mechanical ventilation of the rooms.

We Moderates

  • Over 5 years, adjusting it to the European average, the remuneration of teachers and introducing a reward system for career progression.
  • Strengthen scholastic, educational and economic autonomy by guaranteeing a head teacher for each school, to solve the problem of regencies.
  • Achieve true school equality while safeguarding the freedom of education.
Center-right program for elections 2022
The complete text

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