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“I, the daughter of workers, rewards meritocracy”

“I, the daughter of workers, rewards meritocracy”
“I, the daughter of workers, rewards meritocracy”
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«They told me that the classical high school was very difficult,“ very impossible ”and so on. and I did it quietly, graduating with full marks, same thing for the faculty of law; I must say that I have never really asked myself this issue ».

The theme is that of the possible obstacles to overcome in order to reach the goal set a few months ago. But attempts to dissuade her from the long path to a profession, which the most common cliché wants accessible only under certain conditions, Sharon Fummi he shrugged. Otherwise, she would not have passed at the age of 27 years oldthe last test planned, becoming the second youngest notary in Italy, with a studio a Borgonovo and a secondary office in Piacenza, the city where she was born and lives today.

The national competition supported him in Rome, the ok arrived in March 2021 – the appointment decree was formally issued then in December – after three and a half years of notary’s school: “We were four of the class of 1993 – Fummi says – and since there were no people from 1994, at this moment I should be the second youngest notary in Italythe first was born four days before me ».

When did you decide to enter this profession? “In the first year of university, after having taken the private law exam”.

What hit you? «Being a profession that works on physiology and avoids pathology. The lawyer or the magistrate all work in the next phase, me I wanted to prevent problems from arising, even temperamentally I’m like that; it’s a job that reflects me a lot “.

A complex choice to pursue or in any case an option for a few, as we often hear?

“I’ve never had these problems” explains, referring to the commitment in the studies, as mentioned above. «The only one I had set myself, and it is a“ photonic lie ”, concerned hearing that they are all the children of notaries. They told me “you will not make it because beyond the difficulty the competition somehow precludes you if you do not have connections”. Absolutely no. I have no notary in the family, I am the daughter of two workers and now I have a studio. If I can express my position, it is a competition that rewards meritocracy. What then puts you to the test psychologically is clear, due to the very long times, uncertainty and in the meantime you must have the substances to move forward. the I have to thank my parents very much, because not everyone can afford not to work until the age of 28. The competition, however, in my opinion, is an example of how it is merit that allows you to overcome it. I would like my experience to bring young people closer to this profession“.

She managed to win it on the first try, was she counting on it? “No, I’m honest. Those who supported me, my family, my husband, those who made me practice, said that I would do it at the first try, but I never believed it. I did, but it was absolutely out of statistics, I had no real hope. It was a wonderful surprise ».


Now is notary, or perhaps notary, is this term in use? “Some say notary, others also notary, I don’t see it as a very problematic issue. When they ask me, I answer “go ahead with the notary”, it doesn’t take anything away from me ».

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In Piacenza the sector has a good percentage of women.

«Yes, we are about” fifty and fifty “, the president of the notarial council is a woman. She is no longer like she used to be, from my point of view she is also a type of studio that approaches well to the female methodology, because it is “drop by drop”, it takes a lot of consistency“.

Are customers surprised to find such a young figure? “Yes, but they don’t question my competence. I myself was surprised, I said to myself “who knows, they are used to imagining the figure of the notary in another way”, but I had a wonderful response, especially in the Borgonovo square. In Piacenza, where there are many other colleagues, it is more difficult to emerge ».

Why did you choose Borgonovo? «I did my internship with a notary in Castel San Giovanni and then I got to see what the valley was like, even at work. I enjoyed it, my grandmother was born there, so it’s a place I know. It seemed to me the most interesting of the locations that were released. I’m working well and hard, I’m very happy ».

Is there also a human aspect to the profession? «In Borgonovo a lot. Nobody arrives in Piacenza without an appointment, while here if they need to enter quietly, there is a much closer relationship. And it is also the beauty in my opinion; the fact that people take you as a point of reference that’s what notaries are trying to pursue. Even more beautiful, as far as I’m concerned, is that people are so young they are not in awe of me and this brings us very close. Most of the colleagues I spoke to have a lot of publicistic vocation and to serve citizens, unfortunately often not perceived, but it is really the will of all of us ».

The article is in Italian

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