Handball Erice overtakes Mestrino 27-20

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Ac Life Style Erice vs Alì Best Espresso Mestrino 27-20

Partials: (11-8; 27-20).

Ac Life Style Erice:Brkic (p), Tarbuch 3, Coppola, Mrkikj 9, Benincasa 2, Losio 3, Storozhuk 3, Landri, Rueda, Cozzi 1, Podariu, Bernabei 5, Iacovello (p), Basolu 1, Ravasz.

Trainer: Filiberto Kokuca.

Alì Best Espresso Mestrino:From Fusine 3, Rubin 1, Veggo, Lain 7, Dyulgerova (p), ChiarottoGl. 1, Jevremovic 1, Bucur, ChiarottoGi. (p), Campagnaro 2, Shima (p), Pugliese 1, Kyryllova 4, Rauli.

Trainer: Valeria FloresHuerta.


Referees:Matteo Corioni and Pierluigi Falvo.

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ERICE. Second victory in a row in as many games played for Handball Erice, which, at PalaCardella, overcomes Mestrino with the final result of 27 to 20. Race characterized by the advantage for its entire duration by the Erice team. After a slow-paced first half, the home team acquires the brilliance needed to achieve success in peace. For Erice still a positive performance by Mrkikj and Iacovello, for Mestrino the goals of Lain and the saves of Dyulgerova are not enough.

FIRST HALF:Start of the match with a very slow pace and many errors in the parquet, also due to the sultry temperatures. Erice, despite this, tries to make the game, starting from the defensive solidity, which allows you to be ahead in the score. Lain tries several times to bring back the Mestrino, but Erice manages to close the first portion of the game on 11-8.

SECOND HALF: Bernabei tries to extend on the plus five, but the two minutes sanctioned in a short time in Storozhuk make Mestrino return (45 ’18-15). Carbouch’s goal and a few too many mistakes in attack force FloresHuerta to time out (46 ’20-15). The final phase of the match saw Handball Erice protagonist and then closed the game with the success of27 to 20.

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