In Caorle Treviso ko against Allianz | Today Treviso | News

In Caorle Treviso ko against Allianz | Today Treviso | News
In Caorle Treviso ko against Allianz | Today Treviso | News
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CAORLE – Fifth friendly match of the season in the pre-season of the Nutribullet Treviso Basket that faces Allianz Trieste in Caorle. Some ex, Banks and Cooke for TVB, Vildera for the Giuliani, to give rise to one of the stages of approach to a Serie A championship that will see the right start in two weeks. Coach Marcelo Nicola, waiting to welcome the absent (Sokolowski, Jantunen and Jurkatamma) for the start of the championship, presents in the starting five of the PalaMare Iroegbu with Banks and Sarto as external, with Sorokas and Cooke under the basket.

The first quarter starts with Trieste trying to start strong, with a very active Vildera in attack: 0-4 after the first two minutes, but a Sorokas basket and a blitz with recovery and layup by Iroegbu are enough and it is soon a tie. Still Sorokas, already in championship form, allows the Treviso players to stretch, while Cooke stands out in rebound. In the central phase of the first quarter TVB seems to be able to take over the operations (10-8 with the dunk of Iroegbu), but the Allianz responds blow for blow. In the final with fresh energy from the bench there is a basket and a foul for the young Faggian, then Zanelli and Simioni bombard from three and the Nutribullet goes to the first mini rest on 18-16.

Great second quarter start for the team of coach Nicola who finds in Cooke an excellent defensive bulwark that gives the team the opportunity to play fast in attack. The blue and white arrows take advantage of this, well inspired by the wise direction of an Adrian Banks at the disposal of his teammates. A very effective Sorokas (9 points in the 20 ‘) and an “electric” Iroegbu continue to score, then Derek Cooke after a lot of dirty work finds two dunks for +10 (31-21) in the 16’. TVB does not stop, Sorokas stops and then scores from three for the maximum advantage (34-21), but Vildera (10 points at half-time) keeps Trieste alive. We go to 20 ‘with TVB firmly ahead 37-29.

The third quarter opens with Bartley’s triple that brings Allianz closer to -5, but Sorokas and then Iroegbu are very hot with two triples that bring TVB double-digit advantage (43-32). Trieste, however, does not give up, alternating between defense and man, hits from afar with Bartley and Marcius and gets closer up to -3, 46-43 at 26 ‘. The plays of the American-Nigerian playmaker Ike Iroegbu, however, push the opponents back, Simioni also puts in his second triple and coach Nicola’s team responds to the 11-2 in Trieste with a counterbreak that puts it back on track. Sarto also hits and Nutribullet keeps a good margin: 53-45 at 28 ‘while the rotations from the bench continue with space also for coach Nicola’s young players. Just when TVB has the “baby” in the field Trieste raises the pace and finds fast conclusions, even from three with the unleashed Bartley well assisted by Gaines, who mend the tear, 53-50 and Treviso time out. Excellent exit of the biancazzurra team with a triple from an Alvise Sarto who closes with a crescendo. We go to the siren of 30 ‘with the Nutribullet ahead 56-50.

The last period opens with a TVB that protects his fort in a big way thanks to the blocks of Cooke and Sorokas, then Zanelli steals the ball and scores for the 58-50. Despite having to give a lot of minutes to the “under”, the Nutribullet continues at a good pace and the bomb of Vettori (61-53) repels the Trieste half-quarter boarding. Zanelli and his teammates continue to defend strong, working well on the defensive rebound, but Trieste responds and finds two supports from Vildera and yet another invention by Bartley who completely reopens the game: 61-59 in the 36th minute. Cooke on a nice pass from Banks stretches to +4, but commits immediately after the 4 * foul. The last two minutes are a real battle, TVB on +4 struggles to convert two propitious occasions, and regrets it because Gaines fires two consecutive triple in the face of the Treviso defenders and 1’18 “from the end after an all-to-lead match. Nutribullet is under 65-67. After the time out the final frenzy in which Iroegbu and his teammates mistaken their conclusions in attack on the energetic opposing pressure, while Trieste is more concrete and closes by winning a comeback 65-71.

After the cancellation of the friendly match on Monday in Ljubljana, next appointment with basketball played on Friday and Saturday on the Jesolo parquet for the quadrangular with Naples (first opponent on Friday at 7pm), again Trieste and Venice. On Monday 26th, however, a red circle for the great evening in Piazza dei Signori in Treviso with the presentation of the youth sector (from 7 pm) and of the first team with the celebration of Treviso Basket’s 10th anniversary (from 8 pm).


TREVISO BASKETBALL: Banks (0/3, 0/5), Iroegbu 17 (4/8, 2/6), Sarto 10 (2/2, 2/6), Torresani (0/1), Gloria ne, Zanelli 4 (2 / 4, 0/2), Vectors 3 (1/2 from three), Sorokas 12 (3/5, 2/5), Faggian 5 (2/2, 0/1), Cooke 8 (4/12), Scandiuzzi , Simioni 6 (2/3 of three). Herdsman Nicola.

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BASKETBALL TRIESTE: Gaines 14 (1/3, 3/8), Pacher 9 (4/6, 0/4), Bossi 4 (1/3, 0/1), Davis 6 (2/5, 0/1), Deangeli 2 (1/3), Marcius 2 (1/2), DeJuan ne, Campogrande (0/7 of three), Vildera 14 (7/13), Bartley 20 (4/8, 3/3). Herds Legovich.

REFEREES: Bartoli, Roiaz, Bortolotto.

PARTIAL: 18-16, 37-29, 56-50.

NOTE: Approximately 400 spectators. Released for 5 fouls: Sorokas (40 ‘). Two-pointers: Treviso 17/37, Trieste 21/43. Three-pointers: Treviso 9/30, Trieste 6/24. Free throws: Treviso 4/6, Trieste 11/16. Rebounds: Treviso 35, Trieste 39.

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