MotoGP, Marc Marquez brakes: “I’m back to reality”

MotoGP, Marc Marquez brakes: “I’m back to reality”
MotoGP, Marc Marquez brakes: “I’m back to reality”
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Marc Marquez’s return on the MotoGP weekends is not painless. We have to deal with physical limitations, four operations on the right arm in two years will be felt for a long time to come. And then there is a Honda RC213V to manage that has lost the compass of evolution and goes in desperate search of its data to allow the Japanese engineers to make the necessary changes. 13th place at the end of qualifying in Aragon, 66 thousandths separate him from access to Q2 which instead ends up in the hands of Johann Zarco.

Physical problems in the morning

The adaptation period after more than one hundred days off will require an adaptation period. Yet Marc Marquez lets himself be talked about even for the crash on Saturday morning and an anthological parade with his right arm. Everything indicates that the recovery of the arm is on track and Honda can see a light at the end of the tunnel, starting to plan the next MotoGP season. A first sign is the new Kalex aluminum swingarm which continues to be monitored by the Cervera champion. But his eyes are focused above all on the athletic conditions of the champion. “The problems started in FP3, as on Friday I was not feeling well in the morning. In the afternoon I drove better“, He explained at the press conference after qualifying.

The 13th place is representative of the bike-rider package at the moment: “Today I went back to reality… I felt that many rivals were saying that I was on the podium, but I know my reality. To be here and fight with the best you need to have good feelings and a good starting point. Mine is right now, but the goal is to accumulate kilometers, to turn. Of course I will push, but knowing what our limits are“. He has no specific objective but to reach the checkered flag, it would be a great success to sustain 23 consecutive laps.

The reality of MotoGP

The reaction to the fall in FP3 was also good, without consequences, he promptly got up to run to the pits and take the second bike. “You never want to fall, but at some point making the first fall like that, slipping, is a relief. You say: ‘I fell, that’s enough’. It’s been three months since I was dragging myself on the asphalt at 150 km / h. The feeling is not the same, but then I went to get the second bike, my arm didn’t suffer at all. It is important to get comfortable. This means that when I fall, I can put both arms on, not just the left one“. A non-secondary mental step that will serve to improve confidence and find the way to victory.

Here at Aragon it will be a MotoGP round on the ropes, forced to limit the damage but essential to oil all the gears. “I know there are high expectations, but you have to be realistic“, Concluded Marc Marquez. “It would be nice to get out, run away and win, but that’s not what it’s about right now. The reality is another“.

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