It is tussle on the DRC: for Berlusconi “it must be extended”, for Meloni “it cannot last”

It is tussle on the DRC: for Berlusconi “it must be extended”, for Meloni “it cannot last”
It is tussle on the DRC: for Berlusconi “it must be extended”, for Meloni “it cannot last”
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To think diametrically opposite is the ally

Giorgia Meloni

. “The citizenship income

it cannot last, the economic situation is difficult

and the state coffers do not make it so it is better to imagine a

reimbursement of expenses within a training course

to find work “. Thus the leader of the Brothers of Italy in a rally in Bari.” No one is left behind, do not listen to the propaganda “added Merloni.

“Citizenship income is wrong because it puts on the level of welfare who can work and who can’t. What is the solution? My model is that for those who are not in a position to work certain that you need an assistance tool, just think if Fdi who has fought the battles on the ISEE and its injustices, the battles on public housing, could leave someone without an income, but the same tool cannot be used for those who can work. they work, so if you are unemployed go to the employment center which must tell you: these are the sectors in which you find work, this is who trains you, during the training we give you a reimbursement of expenses, you get trained and you find a job. I believe in the dignity of work “. And finally: “How long can I give the Citizenship Income, one, two, three years? The state coffers can’t do it, and after three years that boy is richer or poorer, even being three years older? “.

Instead, it was to sink the blow

Giuseppe Conte

. The leader of the

Five Stars movement

, or the one who launched it as Prime Minister, launched a provocation at the one who instead came to collect the signatures to abolish it, namely Matteo Renzi. “Renzi talks about shame. But if he, Senator of the Republic, who got paid by the Arabs and made a hustle on the Saudi Renaissance, is not ashamed, can the people who take citizenship income be ashamed? He takes 500 euros a day. “declared the president grillino in Agrigento, replying to the declarations of the leader of Italia Viva who he had described as scandalous that Conte went around the South, promising that he would confirm the citizenship income. And speaking of citizenship income, the former prime minister, Conte, was applauded: “In your opinion, all these people who applaud – he commented on him – they all take citizenship income?

Renzi has to do one thing, come, at last without an escort, among the people to talk

, to present his ideas. Come to say that in Italy there is no need for a social protection system. Come and say it and don’t hide. “

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Quick (and heavy) the response of

Matteo Renzi

. “You must be ashamed of Giuseppe Conte thinking that someone could beat me. This way of doing things that praises violence is incredible,

Count you are half a man

have the courage to make a civil confrontation on the issues, this is a l

mafia language of politics

“. Thus the leader of Italia Viva during an electoral rally in Genoa.” Three hours ago Palermo Conte said ‘Renzi comes unescorted to Palermo to say that he wants to remove the citizenship income’, what are you doing Giuseppe Conte? You are threatening physical violence. When one says let’s go to the electoral campaign and bring all those with the citizenship income, he uses patronizing language, it is a vote of exchange “.

Conte’s rejoinder immediately: “Renzi stop cunning and don’t change things upside down. Don’t mistake my renewed appeal for an invitation to violence: confront the real world without filters and listen to the voice of someone who has nothing . The only real threat is the one that Renzi directs every day to those in serious economic difficulties and not even halfway through the month “.

To close (awaiting the next brawl) today’s chapter, Renzi’s phone call to the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese: “Senator Matteo Renzi telephoned the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese to express his deep disappointment at the threatening statements released today by Conte in Agrigento in view of tomorrow’s visit to Palermo. For some hours Renzi’s social networks have been literally overwhelmed with death threats and physical violence. Renzi therefore asked for particular attention to public order for tomorrow’s public event in Palermo “.

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