Lite Scurati-Sallusti on La7. “Fake news are his specialty.” “Lower your airs, you are a great rude and obsessed with Mussolini”

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Fiery clash a “Half past eight” (La7) between the writer Antonio Scurati and the director of Free, Alessandro Sallustion the supportive position of the right towards Orban.
Scurati strongly criticizes the words of Giorgia Meloni, according to which Hungary is a democratic country because Orban won the elections, calling this statement “a form of democratic illiteracy”. And he adds, while Sallusti grins in the background: “Democracy is this: whoever wins the elections must guarantee the rights of everyone, especially minorities and the weakest categories. And in Orban’s Hungary these rights have been progressively restricted and violated. I say this especially to young people: the fact that Italian politicians who are candidates to govern the country take Orban è’s Hungary as a model extremely disturbing and disturbing“.

The presenter Lilli Gruber he asks Sallusti why he laughs. The journalist replies: “I believe that what happens in Hungary will very little excite the Italians, what happens in Hungary will be problems for the Hungarians. That coalition that according to the polls is preparing to lead the country has been in government for more than 30 years and still governs some of the most important regions of Italy, where it does not seem to me that civil rights are trampled on or that minority rights are denied“.
“It’s not true – Scurati arises – The right to abortion is denied in the Marches“.
“I’m fake news“, The director of Libero retorts.
“No, no – replies the writer – Fake news is his specialtyI don’t say fake news “.

Sallusti raises: “No, you are a fake news specialist and you are saying one”.
“Well, you have been convicted of aggravated defamation more than once. Not me“, Scurati replies.
“I have been compensated for unjust conviction by the European Court of Human Rights”, the journalist countered.
Gruber intervenes to quell the controversy, but Sallusti blurts out: “Here you understand that we are in the presence of someone who says: ‘I am me, you are not a dick’. Dear Scurati, lowers the airs, because it doesn’t matter to me that you sell millions of books talking about Mussolini. You’re the only one in Italy who talks about Mussolini, you are obsessed with Mussolini. You have a problem, go to a psychiatrist“.
“You mentioned Mussolini”, objects Scurati.
“No, I didn’t mention him – continues Sallusti – Scurati is a great rude”.

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