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The world goes back to buying bags and belts. Le Marche at Mipel with the record of closed companies. “It will be the relaunch fair”

The world goes back to buying bags and belts. Le Marche at Mipel with the record of closed companies. “It will be the relaunch fair”
The world goes back to buying bags and belts. Le Marche at Mipel with the record of closed companies. “It will be the relaunch fair”
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MILAN / FERMO – Not just shoes. The leather goods industry, primarily bags and belts, but there will be no shortage of hats, is now in Milan thanks to Mipel. The sister fair of Micam opens its doors inside the pavilions of Fiera Milano Rho.

And it does so knowing that Assopellettieri focuses on exports, sustainability and digital, the basic ingredients that allowed the sector to close the first six months with an increase in industrial production (+ 12.4%) and turnover (+ 15%), sustained from recoveries on the domestic market (+ 12.2%) and above all in exports (+ 17.3% in value in the first 5 months, despite a significant slowdown in terms of volume in the months of April and May).

“I’m confident. This fair – observes Franco Gabbrielli, president of Mipel – will represent a first step towards a return to normality, after two years of uncertainty and travel severely limited by a global scenario hit by the pandemic and with the challenges that still await us, linked in the first place. rise to war in Ukraine ”.

Not everything that glitters is gold, or at least not everywhere. And the Marches, even in this sector, are struggling. At the level of companies, the national balance sees the Marche in the queue with the unrewarding record of closures: 13 companies lost against six in Emilia and the most four in Lombardy. And this has repercussions on employment which is growing nationally, but decreasing in the Marche and Abruzzo, which are at the top for leather goods vocation.

Among the positive notes, the return of Asian buyers and the growth of 15% of exhibitors should be noted. “We are not yet at pre-Covid levels, but we are slowly getting there. Mipel 122 is a large exhibition centered around the themes of sustainability, digitization, the potential of virtual reality and attention to emerging brands “.

In terms of products, bags are the best-selling product (they cover more than 2/3 in value of outgoing flows in the analyzed period) and show an increase of + 20.2%; small leather goods (wallets, purses, key rings and pocket or handbag items) follow at a distance, with a share of around 16% (and growth in line with the overall export average, + 17%). Belts (+ 13%) and the item “suitcases and travel items” (+ 9.4%), on the other hand, show less marked recoveries; the latter, however, even shows a contraction for products made of leather (-14%).


The fair extends over 4 thousand square meters, a space filled with 150 brands. It will also be characterized by color, in line with the summer edition of the event, as well as attention to sustainability in all its facets. From the use of recyclable, reusable and sustainable materials for the installations to the realization of projects that involve companies with a strong sensitivity towards the issue. The great protagonist of this edition will also be the digital world with journeys into immersive reality.

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As for the outlet areas, the North American markets stand out, destined to benefit even more from the current exchange rate: the USA – fourth destination in value – recorded an increase of + 67% on January-May 2021, thanks above all to the high-end range. (average price increased by + 42%); Canada (thirteenth in the ranking) even a + 81% in value (with a + 66% in KG). Mixed situation in the Far East (+ 23% in value globally): robust growth for South Korea (+ 42.6%), Japan (+ 27.3%) and Taiwan (+ 63.1%). Hong Kong, on the other hand, is down (-9.6%).

Strong (and expected) slowdown in China, which after + 25% in the first 3 months, in the two-month period April-May suffered a setback (-26.3%, which brought the cumulative of the first 5 months to a modest + 3%) due to the lockdowns implemented in several important cities to stem the outbreaks of the new pandemic wave.

Do not miss the initiative “The Italian Startup Project” also to well-known brands, and no longer just to emerging designers and brands, who have distinguished themselves for the creative idea of ​​the project, for innovation, research and the will to create something in line with market demands.

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