Weather Italy: first cold sends the summer to the mat, news this week

Weather Italy: first cold sends the summer to the mat, news this week
Weather Italy: first cold sends the summer to the mat, news this week
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As expected, the weather has changed the face of Italy due to the storm of Arctic origin that has created a real upheaval. The cold air, dragged by strong winds, extends to a large part of the boot, undermining the last pockets of African heat. Sunday, after the crossing of the front, will see the return of prevailing good weather over a large part of our country.

Italy between anticyclone and new cold impulses from the north

The circulation will still be cool and dry from the north. Despite the sun, the context will in fact be autumn due to the further influx of northern currents. This scenario will also dominate the opening of the new week, with Italy which will be disputed between the Azores anticyclone and the vast cold depression with a fulcrum on North-Eastern Europe.

There will be a prevalence of sunshine and a partial rise in temperatures, at least in the maximum daytime values. A new cold and unstable impulse will bring some disturbance from Wednesday, with growing instability in the eastern Alpine Arc and along the Adriatic slopes, with sporadic rainfall. In this phase colder air will return from the Balkans.

In the second part of the week the anticyclone could again protect Italy more effectively, rejecting the cold circulation from Northern Europe. We will therefore have other sunny days and pleasant weather, before a possible failure of the anticyclone starting from the weekend of 24-25 September.


Sunday 18th September: there will be more sun all over Italy, apart from initial more compact densities on the lower Adriatic side and on the border Alps, with local snowfalls on the latter above 1600-1800 meters. The air will be pungent everywhere in the early morning with northerly winds still blowing strong in the south.

Monday 19th September: general conditions mainly sunny, apart from irregular cloud coverings between Levante Ligure, Tuscany and the Upper Apennines where some rain may be possible. Temperatures will recover a few degrees.


Tuesday 20 September: scenario still stable, apart from the irregular clouds over central Italy with precipitation on inland areas. During the day it gets worse in the Eastern Alps and in the North-East.

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Further weather trends: partial variability in the mid-week days from the North-East to the Center-South and the Islands with some modest precipitation. Thereafter there will be a new high pressure reinforcement.

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