MotoGP Fabio Quartararo cursed straight “But head is a rock”

MotoGP Fabio Quartararo cursed straight “But head is a rock”
MotoGP Fabio Quartararo cursed straight “But head is a rock”
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There was no lack of risks and maneuvers to the limit during Q2. Fabio Quartararo he gave the very clear impression of having pulled out everything his Yamaha had, openly aiming for the front row. In the end, however, he did not go beyond the sixth final place, the fist of anger confirms that he was hoping for a very different result. The MotorLand Aragon proves to be tough for the M1, but tomorrow Quartararo is still ready to say the unstoppable Ducati army against him. Or at least to try, limiting the damage as much as possible and therefore stemming the comeback of a wild Bagnaia.

That damned fourth sector

It cannot be said that he did not try in Q2. Quartararo also turned on several red helmets during the 15 minutes of the session. But the ‘disaster’ occurred every time in the second part of the route, precisely in that fourth sector already highlighted above, with several tenths left on the road. Every attempt was thus frustrated. “We are always on pace, even here for the first time I feel very strong. But we can’t do anything in qualifying. “ This is Fabio Quartararo’s bitter admission to Sky Sport once Q2 is over. But what’s the problem? “The engine” is the response of the defending champion. “We have analyzed that sector. We don’t lose anything in the last corner compared to the Ducatis, so it can only be the straight. “ The confirmation of the ‘usual’ weak point of his M1 compared to the Reds.

Quartararo, attack on the Ducati

He knows the problems well, but his determination does not drop. Indeed, after the rescue he almost loaded himself, improving the provisional 11th place and transforming it into P6. “Its strong point is the head. Sure Bagnaia has a good time in him, but Fabio is indestructible. “ These are the words of Cal Crutchlow to explain the commitment of Yamaha’s top man. Also emphasizing that “The M1 has a lot of problems on this track.” Fabio Quartararo managed to take her to sixth position, even if, as mentioned, he wanted something more. But he looks at the glass as half full, especially remembering the good pace seen during FP4. What goal has it set for itself? “I’ll give it my all. The top 5 would be an excellent result. “ But it would certainly be even better to be able to ruin a possible ‘Ducati party’ once again.

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